Saturday, April 19, 2014


Spring is upon us here in the dry, sandy desert landscape - she doesn't produce much in the way of the lasting blooms that most people are used to (not to mention ours are usually nestled amongst sharp spines - our bunnies have longer ears and feet, too), but when the season begins, Mother Nature provides a pretty vivid one. One of the best places in town for the bright cacti blooms is Ethel M's Cactus's the best place in town for Easter Candy, as well.  Jack (this was a young one) knows it - I know it.
A quick stop the other day - a little early for the full effect, but a few early bloomers made the trip worthwhile.  Once the cactus start blooming, it's over in a flash...for an entire year.
Dangerous beauties!  The cactus in the upper left has the most beautiful pale blooms, and the most deadly looking spines.
From my house to yours, Happy Easter - Happy Spring!  XOXO...Tanya

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


My "12-year-old self" had me outside in the backyard between 10:30 and midnight (PST) last night, watching the progression of the total lunar eclipse that resulted in a gorgeous Blood Moon (and see that cool little star on the right hand side?!).  I cop to humming strains from Pink Floyd while sitting alone on the ground, hoping it was too cold, and late, for scorpions.  From my 12-year-old self to you, Moon Man and Mom, since I know the Denver skies weren't conducive to star gazing last night...
No mistaking this for anything BUT what it was, this time around (for those that caught the Space Station post a few months back) - I still never went and bought that tripod, but managed fairly well.  These, and the set of photos below, are in clockwise order, starting from the upper left.
Lunar eclipses occur when the moon is in the "full moon" stage and passes through part or all of the Earth's shadow, darkening the moon's typically bright glow.  During a total lunar eclipse, the moon is entirely immersed in Earth's shadow, and can take on a dusky "blood red" color, due to the scattering of sunlight through the edges of the Earth's atmosphere.  Such moons are sometimes nicknamed "Blood Moons"...(FOX NEWS SCIENCE)
Last night's lunar eclipse was the first of four total lunar eclipses to occur between April 2014 and September 2015.  If you missed last night's happening, the next will take place on October 8th, and is also expected to be visible from much of North America.
"And if the band you're with starts playing different tunes, 
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon"...Pink Floyd's Brain Damage

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Yes, most DEFINITELY "The King of COOL"...legendary BRYAN FERRY, frontman for the classic 70s band Roxy Music, and an incredible solo performer, in his own right...last night at The Pearl inside the Palms Casino.  Surprised with tickets purchased at the beginning of the year by my dear friends, Jackie and her sister Christy (for whom the buildup/anticipation was almost more than she could bear last night).  A FABULOUS!!! concert - I don't remember when I've seen a sold out crowd THAT animated or more "into" a performance!  Thanks for the evening out, and laughs shared among friends, and all was right with the world, for a few hours at least.  Loved this cover of J. J. Cale's "The Same Old Blues"...
And for those not quite sure who we saw, one of Roxy Music's signature songs from 1975 - Love is the Drug...attack of the FLASHBACK!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


First night out, 2 weeks post-surgery...couldn't have asked for a better way to spend it - 10th row, center stage, watching Dwight do what Dwight does best.  Back in a few with an updated blog, but enjoy the toe-tappin' happiness below, in the meantime.  Happy April - it's truly "in like a LION" in Vegas today...looking forward to the LAMB days!  XOXO

Thursday, March 20, 2014


An exercise in getting out and exploring your surroundings - you never quite appreciate it all until you leave some place, and then it might be too late.  You might discover something new (or old), learn something in the process, and/or just end the day with a general "feel-good" satisfaction about yourself.  High above the mountain town of Idaho Springs, CO, sit the remnants of an old mine that my long-ago relatives (a great-grandfather and his siblings, among them) worked.  Two summers ago, we explored the surrounding area of Idaho Springs and Freeland, CO, but did not venture up the mountain to the mine.
This past summer we did.  UP the mountain we hiked.  Seemingly STRAIGHT up - this is a rugged jeep trail so we had to traverse it on foot - a couple of miles, round trip, in the very least.  Troopers all - some did it in short spurts, which was fine.  When you're out exploring, LISTEN to your own body (The Capital of Denver sits at a mile high - the mountains are MUCH higher than that, meaning the air is "thinner" and breathing more difficult) - take it slow - take water!  If you're going into an area you're unfamiliar with as far as BLM lands or private ownership, ASK first.  Be respectful.  In addition to your water, arm yourself with a camera and, perhaps, a great walking stick.
This mine, from information I can find, produced not only gold, but silver ore, and lead.  Veins discovered in 1867 led to the opening of the mine.  If you look at the grouping of photos above this, you can see gold colored "tailings" from various mines surrounding the mountains across from where we stood.  The large mounds of gravel are tailings from the Lamartine, itself..."leftovers", once the precious metals were gleaned from the ground, dumped over the edge in front of the mine.
While I would NEVER suggest a trip through an old abandoned mine, what we found here were several old buildings that evidently housed the outer workings of the mine itself, and NOT the actual mine shafts themselves.  This was probably what they referred to as the ore house.  We were VERY mindful of where we placed our feet, making sure we were ALWAYS on solid ground - the old mines have a handful of danger to them...gasses and unseen dropoffs, among them. Again, if you're not sure, ASK!
A large fissure vein produced several million dollars in gold, silver and lead over the years in operation. 
This interesting old ore house has stood the test of time, through some mighty cold and hard Colorado winters.
A "trellis" at the far end of the ore house was evidently a covering of some sort of rail system for the ore carts...we found tailings and some remnants of small stone foundations and old iron equipment past the end of it, looking out over the mountains.  Perhaps a way to load wagons for the trip down to Denver?
By the time the mine was closed down in 1905, the total output was put at 39,292 ounces of gold; 2,677,471 ounces of silver; and 3,232,000 pounds of lead.
The mine sits at an altitude of 10,500 feet - the main shaft of the mine itself is said to be 900 feet deep.
Again, these buildings were all on solid aware of where you place your feet and hands - watch overhead for anything that might have a chance of falling.  Be respectful of the history of these old sites, and ALWAYS mindful of your own safety.  If in doubt, DON'T!
THIS was probably the opening to a shaft - boarded up ages ago. You also want to watch walking on top of the surrounding ground on something like this - stick to solid ground!  There's plenty to see from a distance.
Photos from my "cute" post - this is the scenery from the trek up and down the mountain.  Interested in just WHERE this spot might be?  This tells how to hike it: (LAMARTINE GHOST TOWN)
Again, this hill more than likely leads to a drop off, somewhere underfoot - the telltale sign pointing to a shaft in the vicinity are the gold colored "tailings" at the top up there.  Play it smart - play it safe!  But mainly, PLAY IT!  Get out and see something, wherever you can...learn something, and you might just find you learn something about yourself or your own past along the way, too!

And, "she" said it couldn't be done, but I did late last Friday, and a post today.  On the mend, though it will still take quite a few weeks before I'm up to more hikes like this. Summer's comin', and I'm resting so I'm ready - doctor's orders...XOXO

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Under the weather, under the gun, and neglectful of the blog, sadly.  It IS temporary, I promise.  This morning, I bet my dear friend Jackie (Happy Birthday again, Chica!) that I would be back at it next week (I am banking on Thursday, with a late version of "Travel Tuesday").  I promised her I would take things slow (I have a good excuse, I promise YOU), but she still doesn't think I can.

Yes, it will all "come out in the wash", but in the meantime she told me my blog should have "something cute or pretty on it" - in other words, get rid of the goofy dancing guy.  I think this might just fill the bill, AND serve as a motivator for the expected Travel Blog next week.  Captured in front of an old mine back home in CO last summer, this little guy is a Rocky Mountain Ground Squirrel (Chipmunks have stripes that run from their nose, along their face, to their tail - just in case you're wondering).
And how's this for pretty?  Same area...pure Rocky Mountain Spring water - actually's a stream, not a spring.
And this lone Columbine in a stand of Aspens (the blue and white Columbine is the CO State Flower, and will always be my favorite). Pretty, right?!
And more stream...I have to admit it is MUCH prettier than the dancing guy.  Good call, Chica!  Stick with me - I promise I have a good reason, and I WILL be back come hell or high water, next week!  Happy Friday - Happy St. Patrick's Day, Monday...I think I've covered all the bases for a few days - cute, pretty, AND green!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Having a good time...feeling refreshed and rarin' to go today.  THIS just made me giggle, and something that can do that, this early in a day, deserves to be spread among friends.  Hope you're havin' a good time, too!  Happy Wednesday!