Friday, April 29, 2016


I really am working on that jewelry puppy in the house makes for lots of lost time!  Hopefully by tomorrow, latest.
Wishing you butterflies and blue skies this weekend...or at the least, VERY little snow!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Rows and flows of angel hair...
And ice cream castles in the air...
And feather canyons everywhere...
I've looked at clouds that way...
I really DON'T know clouds at all...otherwise, I'd be able to name this effect (pretty sure it's called the Cotton Ball Effect...or not) that hung over Vegas for a very short time when I got up this morning .  Whatever the cloud type, I hope you see something equally as breathtaking in your part of the world today.  Back tomorrow with a jewelry post - happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


If that someone is you, then these are yours...because I care!
Ethel M. Cactus Garden should be in "full-on" mode in the next week or so...I stole 10 minutes to walk through this afternoon, to brighten my own day with the blooms that were already out.
The colors seem to have a "pecking order" in how they appear...the yellows and oranges are always first, followed by the pinks at the end of the bloom.
Cactus flowers DO have Flower Power!
Wherever you are - whatever you are doing this week, may it be bright and happy in your little part of the world!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I always talk about getting out, opening your eyes, and seeing what cool little secrets your town has to offer...somehow we missed this, and it's been open seven years.  BEST kept secret in Las Vegas, evidently.  The PINBALL HALL OF FAME (click on the link there for the O-fficial website).
In addition to looking at flowers in the Bellagio the other day, we did THIS.  We stopped to see what cool photos were waiting to be taken inside this non-descript building - that was all - we were going to photograph it.  We resisted temptation for about ten minutes before we ended up cashing in paper money for coins...lots of coins.  Spent over an hour inside - 10,000 square feet of fun - 152 different pinball machines (203 games in all, counting some arcade games).  You don't get that big a smile on your friend's face from just lookin' at flowers!
The color on these has been "boosted" - not a whole lot...just enough to pop!  The machines are vivid on their own (I just felt like color today).  They range in age from the 1950's through the 90's, and are ALL playable - at the OLD prices of 25 cents for the older games, and 50 and 75 cents for the 90's versions.  This is a non-profit corporation, so all proceeds are donated to non-denominational charities.
All machines housed in this building are owned by one man, Tim Arnold, who has an arsenal of pinball collectors that help him restore and maintain these fabulous machines.
Creature from the Black Lagoon - he was so misunderstood!
We saved the Dunk N' Alien game for the very last thing we played that day.  An arcade game that I'm guessing is probably unbeatable, save for a REALLY lucky shot.  The alien was spitting out insults at us as fast as we could roll balls up and in, trying to hit that swinging red target - LOTS of insults.  And we LIKED it - we were both laughing so hard it actually made playing the game difficult.  Fifty cents for nasty insults - BEST laugh of the day!
Two different Elvira games...I'm sure the Mistress of the Dark has one or two more in there, as well.
Look at THESE clowns!
Gene Simmon's disembodied head in the Kiss Army game.
Twilight Zone and outer space themed games.
Monster Rock, Jurassic Park, and Creature from the Black Lagoon.
The Big Hurt (Frank Thomas), Captain Fantastic (Elton John), and EVEL KNIEVEL!
"A far better return on fun than any Las Vegas casino environment, and the PHoF actually has windows and a clock in the room!"...PINBALL HALL OF FAME
The Wizard of Oz - this was a beautiful machine, though a little hard to play.  We're just not the "Pinball Wizards" we used to be, evidently.  Want to see this all for yourself?  Click on the links provided.  The doors are open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm Sunday through Thursday, and 11:00 am to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.  NO ADMITTANCE FEE - just a desire for fun, and some quarters to play is all you need!
But it doesn't have to be!  Get on over and make your own fun at the
right here in River City Vegas!

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Now through May, in the Bellagio Hotel Conservatory here in Las Vegas.  You canNOT believe the wonderful aroma in there!  No further reading required - enjoy the scenery...
Happy Spring - XOXO

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Where the buffalo roam...
Where the deer...
And the antelope...
And the antelope play (they both have neck stripes - I may have gotten confused). Disclaimer:  This one is a "stock photo" from a site - the antelope were plentiful, but the car was traveling too fast for my own shot - they're out there, though!
 Where seldom is heard...
 A discouraging word...
Along the road that leads from the dinosaur in Taos to Cimarron, New Mexico (or as we like to refer to it, the "back way" home to Denver), there are some pretty spectacular sights to be seen.  Deer; antelope; the cliffs and palisades (think fences or walls around a fortress) of Palisades Sill.  The age of the Palisades Sill has been estimated at between 26 million and 34.7 million years...I wasn't too far off with the dinosaur, evidently!
Camping, fishing, hiking - all in one breathtaking spot.  For more information, click on the link!
And just down the road from that, we ran across THIS!
A glimpse of what life across the United States plains used to look like, on a far more minuscule scale.  Imagine these plains COVERED with dark brown, as far as your eyes could see!
This private herd of possibly 200-300 head of buffalo was awe-inspiring enough - it's hard to believe, and indeed sobering, that these magnificent beasts were almost obliterated from the face of this earth by man's stupidity and greed.
A highly electrified fence (buffalo need extremely sturdy fences to keep them where they should be - they can make short work of an ordinary fence in no time), and no tripod to rest upon, made my distance shots a little hard.
This is a beautiful, obviously well-cared-for herd - we were certainly glad we took the "back way" home.
And now, in researching my own photos, I find that Vermejo Park Ranch is owned by none other than media mogul, Ted Turner - 600,000 acres worth (or about 3/4 the size of the state of Rhode Island - what a shame, huh?!) of prime beauty, stretching from NM to CO.  "A TURNING POINT IN TURNER COUNTRY"
These were taken from the side of the lowly road outside the ranch (thankfully it wasn't snake season, as I was in some serious, knee-high weeds along that road)...I can only imagine the inside - this is as close a look as I'll ever be able to afford.  This was more than enough for me!
 A young bull, surveying his "wealth".  Here's to getting out and surveying some of your own wealth in the coming, warmer months.  More Travel Tuesdays to follow, possibly with just enough inspiration for someone to make their own plans.  There's SO much to see out there - time's a wastin'!
...and the skies are not cloudy all day!