Saturday, February 20, 2016


Enough with the monkey - Happy Saturday, and JUST fun stuff!  I have looked forever for the plaid lunchbox I carried to Grade School, starting the day of this picture - my very first day in First Grade.  Untouchable because of price, in most antique stores, my daughter gifted me with this new reproduction set from Aladdin this Christmas.  She ROCKS!  My parents sent the picture - they ROCK, too!
My dress matched the lunchbox...and now I wish I had the Saddle Oxfords, too!  As for reference to running past monkeys in the last post?  It (an ENORMOUS black spider monkey) hung in the trees of a farmhouse on my way to and from school.  TERRIFIED me - probably why I stayed so skinny then, from all the running!  Maybe I should try it now.

The new lunchbox set is adorable, with all the old graphics under the lid, but new, useful containers inside - and an improved, large thermos, with METAL inside - anyone remember breaking the glass insides of the old ones?  Running from monkeys?!  This will go with me on my travels this summer.  I love it - I love my girl who thought to get it for me - I love my parents for sending me to school in style.  Stupid monkey!
And some final pincushion/cage doll inspiration for you to go out and fancy up one of your own.  This went to a friend two weeks ago - a California ocean loving, girl...this is the mermaid.
Handmade silk and silk velvet (yes, it's a real thing) roses - antique buttons, and vintage brass pieces, including a large clam shell and octopus.  Satin and oceany tulle skirts and ribbons - she was sent with oodles of large seashells, a large dried starfish and three mercury glass type ornaments to fill her.
Hoping your weekend holds nothing but fun.  Maybe some creative time - definitely no monkeys - some "ME" moments for YOU, and possibly a well deserved nap.  XOXO

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


For anyone who knows me, THIS goes against every fiber of my being, but I couldn't pass on sharing the beauty of the Bellagio's newest installation in the Conservatory just because I'm a little (a LOT) creeped out by monkeys.  So, here's to you...for you...from wasn't one of my favorite things photograph, but at least they weren't real.  They were real enough!
Like the proverbial elephant in the room - the lobby has a giant mirrored horse in the room!  GIANT mirrored horse, under the Chihuly glass ceiling.
Starting with the overall effect inside the Conservatory - will eeeeeeeeeeease into the simians.  Gigantic peaches and beautiful Chinese lanterns, suspended from the ceiling.
Chinese New Year officially started yesterday - the Bellagio Conservatory will celebrate with this beautiful display through March 12th.
Bromeliads in every color...
Mums and other fancifuls thrown into the mix, too.
Fancy flower children...
The floral designs in the clothing were impressive this year.  The children are elements from displays of years past.  They seemed happier this year, somehow.
But unaware of monkeys in the trees behind, children!  Run with your little plaid lunchbox in your hands!  (That's a post of a different color, and for later in the week.)
Ponds of beautiful Koi...anything to keep my mind off...
"those" which were hanging overhead.  I don't think I've photographed a display quicker than this one!  7 FOOT MONKEYS!  SHUDDER!
And I commented, at the time, that I didn't know why there weren't MORE monkeys in this "Year of the Monkey" display.  I would have "monkeyed" the hell out of that display if I had been in charge. And then, I realized what I was saying.  Twelve were plenty!  I was uncomfortable enough.
It is a beautiful display, and a fitting tribute to the Chinese holiday, irregardless of the subject matter.  I would have done better with the Year of the Dog, undoubtedly!
You've got a little over a month to take it in, if you're in town.  If not, take my word for it, it's beautiful.  I will be going back one last time this week, to photograph the beautiful large American flag that was rehung a week after we visited this day - thank you, Bellagio!
Happy Chinese New Year - Happy Tuesday!