Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Home is calling my name, again...QUICK trip this time.  I will be back in a flash, but didn't want to leave people hanging this time. Something wonderful found in between the drivel on Facebook the other day - you can flip between this and the blog post below, (the one about Quinn Sullivan), for things to put a smile on your face and a song in your heart!  Happy Birthday today, to my beautiful Mom - XOXO

Monday, August 26, 2013


Meet 14-year-old guitar prodigy, QUINN SULLIVAN.  A toy guitar at age three led to lessons, and discovery by some of the "Bigs"...most notably, the legendary Buddy Guy, who has been mentoring Quinn since the age of 8.  My son and I noticed Quinn in the one-night only showing of Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival, two weeks ago.  A night later, before Chris Isaak's show, we ran across an ad in our program.  Running - LITERALLY, RUNNING - down to the Box Office, 15 minutes before the start of the show, we returned to our seats with Buddy Guy/Quinn Sullivan tickets in hand, thrilled for a chance to see not only the Master, but his protegee.  We got that chance last son; my concert pal, Jackie; and myself.

The kid is a seasoned pro...handles himself with poise beyond his years, on stage - a natural talent that looks like he's been doing this for far more years than he's been alive - and, from the sound of things, it's only gonna' get better from here on out!  My son commented, during the intermission, that the only thing missing from this kid's performance is just that one "life experience" that puts the blues "meaning" into the songs (nothing we wish on this wonderful young man - he's fine the way he is) - to say we were all three moved beyond words, is an understatement.  I'm sure most in the theater that night felt the same.  Buddy was the draw, and fabulous he is!  Quinn is fast on his heels.

No weird dancing bears - no foam fingers - just a soft spoken boy with a kick-ass guitar, heading down the RIGHT road to fame.  Enjoy...

Monday, August 19, 2013


The New KNIT on the Block (apologies to those who are old/young enough to remember, and were hoping for Donnie, Jordan, or Joey) - the ONLY knit in Las Vegas, at the present.  And boy, are we glad they're here!
Opened in the summer of 2012, this fabulous little yarn mecca has quickly outgrown its "digs", and is ALREADY moving to a roomier location, across the parking lot.  A true testament to an ALWAYS welcoming and helpful atmosphere, as soon as you step foot in the shop, coupled with fabulous fiber finds - the "community" tables are always filled, but the occupants are more than willing to pull up an extra chair for any newcomer. And, I've seen more than one husband in there, from time to time...
Color, texture, clicking needles, and camaraderie...this is the shop, on ANY given day.  Rich projects, rich laughter, and rich friendships formed over a simple love of keeping hands busy, and minds sharp...there's one of those husbands in the back, now!
A "color enhanced" shot, but in my mind's eye, this is what I see when I walk through the door - a riot of color (OK, maybe not this extreme, but SO colorful) .  Fun displays like this, lend to the charm of the shop.
True colors - beautiful colors - make sure to check out the gorgeous, local-dyed yarns, exclusive to Sin City Knits and the Vegas scene.  A fabulous gift idea for your favorite non-local knitter (crocheters, too)!  You'll find a great array of yarns for your every project need.  Not sure WHAT you need?  Creative suggestions abound here!
Classes are plentiful, and the teachers are OUTSTANDING - this is from their "Shawl of the Month Club" knit along.  There's always "drop-in-knitting", on a daily basis, with a few evening "Knit Sip Knits" thrown in for good measure.  Check the schedule - there's something here for everyone, guaranteed.  
A true passion for the "sport" has led Debbi and her crew to turn a small venture "on its ear", and into something very wonderful and successful, in a remarkably short period of time.  Kind, compassionate, and HELPFUL - stuck on something as small as one single, confusing stitch, or something as large as figuring out a pattern that's got you stumped?  There's always someone willing to show you how...from the "Boss Lady", on down!  They've got the market cornered on "NICE", around here.
Custom-dyed yarns from Ethereal Fibers of Las Vegas - again, color enhanced, just for fun.  The real colors are as spectacularly wonderful as this yarn is soft - and you won't find these ANYWHERE else but here!
How do I find this fun place, with all the creative energy, you might ask? - clicking on the link above is a great starting point.  They're on facebook too, @ Sin City Knit Shop  Searching for your car keys, ready to run out the door? 

Sin City Knit Shop
2185 E. Windmill Lane, Ste. #500
Las Vegas, NV  89123
(702) 641-0210

Tell them Tanya sent you...happy, creative week!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


on most any given day, is the music.  The past 5 days have provided me a trip back to the 80's, with an amazing lineup at the Mandalay Bay Beach; Eric Clapton and some of the most amazing blues guitarists alive; and a fabulous evening with crooner, Chris Isaak.
The Beach, for those locals that haven't been, or those thinking about a concert here in the future, is one of the most unique settings in town.  The beautiful pool area provides a sandy beach for sitting, with soft waves in the pool surrounding the stage, for those wanting to get closer and/or cool off a bit...all set under the Vegas stars.  It's pretty close to a perfect concert setting for a landlocked desert town!
Eight (count 'em) bands on one three-hour bill - we were in 80's heaven...Animotion's "Obsession" has turned into mine, this week!
Two nights ago, I grabbed my son and headed to the movie theater.  Once every few years, Eric Clapton produces an incredible line-up of "ax men" (and women), in the guise of the CROSSROADS GUITAR FESTIVAL - a two day event.  They film it all, pull together some of the best moments, and put it on the big screen across the nation for one-night only.  Tuesday night was IT!
Gary Clark, Jr. - "Next Door Neighbor Blues" - Youtube is playing games, so watch this one while you may be gone in a flash, just like the first one I put on here.  Turn your volume up!
And we saw this happen live, last night - guy walked away with a beautiful, signed guitar - might as well get in on the contest if you're seeing him anytime soon...FRETLIGHT.COM.  ALWAYS a fabulous concert - last night we saw him at Las Vegas' newest arts venue, The Smith Center.  INCREDIBLE acoustics in this grand hall - something that he commented on a few times throughout the evening, himself.  And, before the concert even started, we found something to rush out to the lobby and get tickets for NEXT week - Buddy Guy and the 14 year-old guitar prodigy, Quinn Sullivan.  Yep - it's my obsession...and yep, that's a disco ball suit!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

VIKINGS AND PIRATES ~ you can thank me later!

Because my dad made me laugh this week, in telling me that people were going to think I died of Strawberry Shortcake poisoning, two months ago...(Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings/ History Channel)
And then yesterday, my dear friend literally begged me to put something other than Strawberry Shortcake on the front page of my blog, because it was, and I quote, "making her sick looking at it for these past two months", while I was away..."Put some hot guy on there, just for me, would you, PLEASE?!"  OK - not one, but three, Jackie!  (Rollo Lothbrok from Vikings/History Channel)
Strawberries gone!  Vikings and Pirates for a day!  It's been one hell of a summer, and it's not over yet, but it's time I got back to the blog...on Saturday...for reals.  (Captain Morgan from the rum bottle)
And not three, but FOUR (count 'em!), Jackie...a cowboy, for good measure - REAL good measure (Cullen Bohannon/Hell on Wheels)!  For those who haven't seen it, or those "in the know" already, that have been waiting patiently, "Hell on Wheels" starts back up this Saturday, on AMC. Obviously, you know where I'll be.  That's right - at the Flock of Seagulls/Wang Chung/80's concert - but I'll have the recorder set on the hot guy!