Thursday, September 29, 2011


My heart runneth OVER, with happy, this week...lucky in family and friends - a windfall of special artworks, and more.  Happy, indeed!  Let me start with these STUNNING, hand dyed acrylic flower components.  After months of hit and miss dates on both of our calendars, I finally got together with Suzan of  Old Grey Mare Primitives, for a really wonderful breakfast, on Monday...and was delighted that Heather French could join us.

Some of you may know Heather from the quilting world, and her beautiful, original quilt pattern, "French Roses".  Heather is mega-multi-talented, like the ever-prolific Ms. "Z" (quilters, bakers, candlestick artisans, incredible teachers, and friends...OK, I was just kidding about the candlesticks, but they both can probably do that, too), and has started a new venture, just finishing up two major nationwide bead shows, with an incredible reception for these breathtaking pieces!
I had been hearing about how beautiful these were, for months, from Z...nothing compared with actually having them in my hands, however.  They are two are alike - the colors are to die (dye) for - I could go on and on, but just look for yourself...
These are all mine - told you it has been a windfall week! "Create", she told me - and create I intend to. I have rolled them over and over in my hands for the past few days, still marveling at the rich hues, and the fact that they are mine. Heather, I can't even begin to thank you ROCK, girl!  I will make you proud.
While her Vintage Meadow Artworks website is still in the construction stages, you can contact Heather directly, at, regarding pricing and availability.  Trust me, you will be glad you did. 
I have a friend that has a little quote on her blog that says,  "I love my computer because my friends live in it".  I have truly met some of the nicest people through my computer.  This afternoon I opened my mailbox and found a package from one such dear soul, in Denmark...Dorthe, of Den Lille Lade.  Dorthe and I found each other, out in "blogland", a few months back - she makes beautiful dolls and mixed media creations. 
Inside this surprise package, I found of her delightful little driftwood dolls (Little Miss Happy Heart - her arms and body are actually driftwood pieces from across the ocean), and a beautiful collage piece, complete with a vintage photo of a little girl and her doll, laces, silk, rhinestones and papers.  These pieces will be cherished, Dorthe...thank you!  You needn't have, but I must say, I'm glad you did.  I think I have found another pretty great friend through my computer, for sure! 
"Happy Heart",'s been a great week to be me!  To family and friends alike, I love you all, dearly...even the ones that live in my computer.  Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Monday, September 26, 2011


When I started my vacation this summer, I knew I would be searching for that perfect red carved Bakelite bangle...just one, was all I was hoping for.  Not only did I recently find one, but I ended up with two!  OK, two red ones, and a handful of others that I could not bear to leave behind...yes, apparently I do seem to have a small problem with the thermoset plastic baubles of yesteryear.  Don't judge - I could have far worse vices, living where I do!
Yellows, caramel, deep brown, didn't seem to matter this trip.  Carved, smooth, double laminated...I believe I picked up a little of everything.  It's a good thing "stacking" bracelets is "IN" this season!
This SPECTACULAR find came into my possession before leaving on vacation, actually.  Painstakingly hand-etched (all of the carved Bakelite bangles were sliced from blanks and then hand carved/sculpted, so no two are identical, ever) with a tiny honeycomb pattern across the entire face of the bracelet, and then carved with 12 sets of bee's wings -  I LOVE this one!
This fabulous double-laminated green/gold bangle was found in an antique store in Florence, CO.  All Bakelite bangles have developed beautiful patinas over the past 75+ years - this one is a pale chartreuse/pea green and the typical mustard color you see so much - two bracelets in one, really.  The laminates are harder to come across - this was a very lucky day, even if we didn't make it to Cripple Creek because I missed the sign (OK, I admit it, Dad).
Along with the "funtastic" plastics, I was gifted with a SERIOUS bit of arm candy from my parents, on our trip through Santa early birthday gift, that I have tried to convince them is actually my Christmas, also.  It's STUNNING - heavy, bright, shiny copper...the very same bracelet Daniel Craig wore in Cowboys and Aliens (not really, but let's pretend, shall we?!).
2-1/4" wide, Native American made - the rising prices of silver have recently forced a new usage of copper and brass...a gorgeous, substantial piece - it's a beauty, and loved almost as much as the people who gave it to me!
These arrived within the last two to myself, all.  The brown is carved on the opposite side, also...the three Caramel Swirls came together, and match a fourth one that was already in my possession.  I was done for awhile, at this point...
...then came this!  Last evening, I went to dinner with my friend Jackie, and her husband, Charlie...and, SURPRISE!  Another red bangle fell into my possession!  This one is a yummy, faceted red!  And, as if that wasn't enough, they also added a new, old wallet to my quirky collection of "named", tooled leather accessories. 
Another beautifully hand-tooled, vintage wallet - unused (probably by someone with seemingly better fashion sense, but also infinitely less fun, I'm fairly certain) until now.
So, Terry it shall be, this season...with Squirrel Nutkin, no less!  My daughter recently made the comment that I was rather "squirrel brained", one day while antique shopping with her...a reference to the fact that small oddities (it doesn't take much) seemed to delight the hell out of me as I traveled along that day.  Jackie picked right up on that one and ran, full bore...and look what she found!  I have a network of some of the greatest friends, ever - thank you, Jackie and Charlie...for the Bakelite; for the wallet; for the dinner; for the friendship!
Yep, it was a very good summer.  I found my red "one"...I think I may need a black "one" next.  Happy Monday!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


...with some of my very favorite people in the whole, entire world, last week.  My summer is officially over now, with the September/Octoberish arrival and departure of my Mom, which happens every year during deer season back home in CO.  Back to reality this week...along with a blog that has been, sadly, neglected.  I still need to catch up on the big summer trip photos!

Our Vegas Week together this year included nightly trips to The Strip; a wonderful dinner with Jackie and Charlie (they are slightly older now, but you gotta' love that wedding picture), at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville, before a "girls outing" to the fabulous Viva Elvis Cirque du Soleil show at the new Aria casino and hotel. 
A show with a headliner in the making, Rick Faugno's Body & Soul (he is leaving Jersey Boys to strike out on his own), at the Las Vegas Hilton; the visually enchanting Broadway musical, The Lion King, at Mandalay Bay; an evening with the HILARIOUS Anthony Cools, at the Paris Hotel/Casino...a "not your run of the mill" hypnotist show that had us in hysterics, and glad we had not volunteered (AND had worn appropriate underwear anyway); and a newcomer to The Strip...a delightful sleight of hand magician named Stephane Vanel, also at Paris.  There wasn't a show we saw that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend, if you're in town...Anthony Cools is more of an "adult" themed show (and I took my MOM - I know!), but hilarious, all the same.
We walked, and walked...laugh, ate, drank...took in all the sights (it's fun to act like a tourist once in awhile)...won a little cash to fund the fun...came home to find Louie and Joe swimming a time or two...and had a ball doing it all!  To all of you who added to the fun during the week, many thanks for giving up your daily chores to join us.  Thanks for the fun, Mom - love you AND the week I get you to myself, each year.