Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ziggy Stardust Does the Time Warp...

"Ziggy played guitar, jammin' good with Weird and Gilly"...Ziggy Stardust
To those friends who chose to pass on tonight's edition of "Every Wednesday Girl's Night Out"... not to rub salt in the wound, but you picked a hell of a night to miss!

For those who have been reading along these past three months, you know that my friend Jackie and I have been ditching our hubbies, just about every Wednesday night, to solve the world's problems over dinner and drinks, and enjoy some great little concerts put on by some of the best tribute bands around - all over at the LV Hilton.  It really is mindless fun, and if you walk in with no expectations, other than to hear some covers of some really great classic tunes, sometimes you are VERY pleasantly surprised!  Tonight came in at, probably, #2 for us...we still have Which One's Pink, the Pink Floyd Tribute band, in first place, and I think Jackie would throw down and fight anyone who disputed that fact.
David Brighton's performance as David Bowie ( tonight, was pretty incredible...from his voice (as well as the solid band), down to the look and mannerisms!  Some of the greatest known hits ("Fame", "Golden Years", etc.) led the evening, followed by the "Ziggy Stardust" tunes of the 70's, and on through the 80's.  The evening ended with a rousing, audience involved, rendition (by David and his lone female backup singer/organist) of "Time Warp", from The Rocky Horror Picture Show fame.

How to wind down after such a great evening?  Post to the blog!  Next week?  The band playing homage to my "boys", Page and Plant!

"It's just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right.
With your hands on your hips, you bring your knees in tight.
But it's the pelvic thrust, that really drives you insane......
Let's do the Time Warp again......
Let's do the Time Warp again!"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dripping In Jewels...

Because Mother's Day is just around the corner!  Got some new creative "mojo" workin', thanks to the class last week.  Even dipped into that beloved brass stash of mine for this one - all dripping from the neck of one of my favorite pincushion dolls, who desperately needs, and deserves, a dress.  Perhaps that should be next on the creative agenda...I have a feeling she will, sadly, still need that dress next week - the beads are calling!

And, a hearty "shout out" to Kathleen of fadedcharmcottage for letting me play on "White Wednesday" - there's some really incredible blogs and creativity to be found there...check it out!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Girly, "Frou-Frou" Things...

"Frou-Frou" - n. 1.  Fussy or showy dress or
Well, the Vertigo is still with me on one side, but with the motion sickness medication, it's "manageable".  I spent the week agonizing over whether the inner workings of my head would be "still" long enough to take a class this week, and was thrilled yesterday when I was actually there!  I have looked forward to this for so long.  This was a Victorian/Edwardian style beaded pendant class taught by "quilter, turned beader", Heather French...of the much loved "French Roses" quilt pattern fame, for you sewers.  Our paths have wended their way through the same sewing/teaching "haunts", and mutual friends, all these past years, but I was never able to actually put a face with a name until yesterday.  What an incredible talent Heather, seemingly, everything she touches!  Her designs, from the quilting to her jewelry now, have never failed to amaze and delight me.

The beading was worked on a screen base (something I'd not attempted before), and then attached to a filigree backing.  We were offered up three different pattern options - I chose what I love, which is the free-form beading.  I know that I will be going back and attempting the other two patterns, as well...probably as soon as this evening if I know myself.  In addition to the numerous little seed bead fringes, Charlottes, crystals, and pearls, I incorporated some of my vintage buttons into the piece, as well as the beautiful old brass stamping it now sits atop.  Thank you, Heather - what a great "frou-frou" day it was!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's a Flashback!

My week in pictures...
It was like some big, ol' retro flashback goin' on, right in my head!  My mother-in-law flew in from Denver last week, and Thursday night I treated her to Sandy Hackett's (the comedian, Buddy Hackett's, son) "Rat Pack Show" at the Sahara hotel (which, coincidentally, is the last remaining original "Rat Pack" resort on the Vegas Strip where Sinatra and the boys used to play, and also the setting for the first Ocean's 11 movie).  The show was pretty wonderful - it showcases Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., and Joey Bishop.  Handsome performers, all, and all of their voices were "spot-on"...we both thoroughly enjoyed it, so I guess it would also come highly recommended then, too!

Saturday landed me in bed (where I crawled from the floor), for a full 48 hours, with a vicious attack of James Stewart Vertigo.  The picture is that big, because that's how it hit me...I liken it to sitting in the middle of the "ride" (more of my flashback memories) on the floor of the Funhouse at Lakeside Amusement Park (an extra large wooden platform) and holding on for dear life while it spins uncontrollably fast!  If you're "lucky", the least you get out of it is a wood burn where you hit the floor when you fly out of control and off the disk...if you're like me, you get the wood burn AND you are sick for days because your head is still spinning for that long!  This part of the flashback is not highly recommended.

Monday night found a "wobbly" me, with my mil in tow again, at the LV Hilton for Trent Carlini's version of Elvis - I told you it was like one big flashback!!  Incredible performer - if you ever get to Sin City and want to see "The King", check out his show - "One Night With You"'ll be glad you did.  If you're a local and are interested in how we get to so many great shows, drop me a line and I'll let you in on the best deal in Vegas.  I could tell you here, but then I'd have to kill you!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"I See a Red Door....

and I want it painted black..."

Another Wed. night; another tribute band concert at the LV Hilton; another great evening out with wonderful friends, fun covers of music from the Stones, and lots of laughs!  While it's completely unrealistic to compare the real boys (I was lucky enough to see them in person a few years back, here in Vegas - 13th row...close enough to touch 'em) to ANY tribute band, the group Rolling The Stones had us tapping our toes and singing along last night, for sure.  Jackie informed me that she hates "Paint It Black"...I don't know, Jackie, but that's borderline un-Stone-merican!  She did "give me" "Sympathy for the Devil", though, so we'll have to let her slide...this time...she's just so young!  I did tell her that if the "real deal" ever comes back to town, we will be there.  And yes, Jackie, I probably still would!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Helping Hand...

One of our "jewelry friends" is a Las Vegas Metro policewoman.  She's a tiny little thing, our Ronna is, but full of spunk, and I would hate to be one of the bad guys.  She contacted us the other evening to ask for donations for a silent auction, as Metro is trying to raise money to send the families of the 4 officers who were killed in the line of duty in Vegas last year, to Washington, DC next month. This event happens every year in May, in our capital, to recognize fallen officers across the nation.

I was able to finish up two necklaces for their cause last evening, before my company flies into, a hand formed/hammered copper piece with glass pearls and fire polish "peas"; the other, a brass leaf with Swarovski crystals and carnelian agates.  Glad to be able to "give back" - thanks for asking, Ronna!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ribbons and Brass...

Have I told you how much I love my dear friend, Carole (The Ribbon Lady)?  Well, I do...aside from her friendship and getting over just to see her (though far too few trips lately), I never go that I don't find something wonderful that I can't live without!  Yesterday, when I went to drop the hats off, it was in the form of beautiful plaid silk ribbons (about 2-1/2" wide - the "Watch Plaid" is actually a silky sort of organza, and is SO yummy) and vintage brass pieces, though the "damage" could have been much worse...I do have to try and contain myself and pick what I think I can use these days, as my stash seems to be taking on a life of it's own...and I thought that only happened with fabric!

When gently placing these newest acquisitions with the rest I have amassed (from friends and/or purchases over the past few years), I realized how many beautiful pieces I have. Just like buttons, I have an affinity for the old brass pieces. Everything down below is vintage, save for the bird, under the owl head, which is a reproduction piece from an old mold. I realized this "collection" really is taking on a life of it's own, and needs to be! It's a shame to hide these beautiful pieces away, so I'll be creatively brainstorming this weekend.  Cleopatra was actually "five" to begin with (I bought a vintage lot a few years back), and one was turned into a fabulous necklace for my daughter last year so technically, it is "one down", but I'm off to a rather slow start with the rest of it, I think!  Hello...I am the Queen of "De-nial", and I have a slight problem!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bella Donna - Not Just for Migraines...

The "Boss" is back "in the fold", and joined us on "Each and Every Wednesday Girls Night Out" (or at least "Each and Every" until the "fake concerts" run out on us...then we have to find another excuse, which shouldn't be hard!).  This week was a group called Bella Donna (which Colleen leaned over and told me was what she used to take for her migraines) - a tribute band to Stevie Nicks and the music of Fleetwood Mac - overall, pretty good and a great time was had by all.

I was always a big Lindsey Buckingham fan - they were flashing some pretty great pictures on the screens, during - I wished I could have found the one of his HUGELY exaggerated hair from the Buckingham Nicks album that they used (where'd they GET that?), but love this one of the two of them, too.  And I don't know that Stevie Nicks ever covered Led Zeppelin, but it was a good way to close out the evening.  Stones next Wed., unless I can get Jackie to agree to a little "Hammertime!" this weekend!  Sadly, I believe her exact quote last evening was "Can't touch that".

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mad Hatting...

"Curiouser and curiouser"...Alice in Wonderland

"Whatcha' Working On Wednesday? Show and Tell"...I've told a few people that I was madly sewing hats (five, in all) over the past couple days (my daughter has referred to it as "hatting"), though they were a little hard to describe.  I have entered into a "venture" with my friend, Carole (The Ribbon Lady) - these will now go into the embellishment phase, over at her place - destined for adornment with fabulous ribbonwork flowers, vintage buckles, fanciful bows, etc., etc., etc.  I just wanted to be able to show what I've been working on, now that they are done on my end.  They remind me of "Jiffy Pop" - taken from a 1920's fabric cloche hat that Carole had hanging around, they are absolutely darling on...these are all silk, inside and out, and the brims will be able to be worn turned up or down.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter, Happy Spring...

HAPPY EASTER – HAPPY SPRING! A time for refreshing and looking ahead to the new. While on the hunt for the cabinet card of the little girl with the big hat, I ran across some forgotten items in my collection, and did a little reminiscing (very little – in fact, it was pretty mindless, but amused me greatly...doesn't take much!).
Ever on the lookout for the “unique” (OK, “quirky” and “bizarre”, by everyone else’s standards), I tend to pick up those items that no one else wants or knows what to do with. Found in a bin of beautiful vintage and antique photos in Boulder City, NV, this immediately brings to mind the vintage Easter postcards adorned with long legged lambs and bunnies…or NOT. Maybe a gangster Easter or Sopranos 4-H project (there is a rancher, smack dab in the middle of the cigar chomping toughs) – I know there is a sheep joke or two in here, also.  I have no clue where or when this was taken, or if they ever found the guy on the far right who seems to be hiding his face behind that sheep (in fact, none of them but the big boss seem too willing to have their faces shown), but the back of this photo indicates a larger copy was to be made to hang in a lobby somewhere…perhaps a State Penitentiary?
Then I looked over and saw this little delight, that sits out year-round, not just at Easter time (right next to the antique thimble holder of a cat trying to cut his ear off with a pair of scissors).  Dug up with discarded bisque dolls from a doll factory in Thuringen, Germany - is the bunny attacking this baby, who seems to be fending it off? Yeah, I do love this - it's very Monty Python Killer Rabbitesque!
I also ran across some old family photos that my Mom gave me a few years back, tucked in with the cabinet cards. This is April, 1961 – about a month after my brother, Arvid (it's a Swedish name), was born…just in time for his first Easter - how exciting!...though he certainly doesn't look that way, ingrate! I would expect that on this, his 49th Easter, he will probably have that very same, lethargic look hit him, right around late afternoon, after spending the day in a houseful of company (back home in CO) and consuming mass quantities of food (and/or alcoholic beverages, whichever comes first).  I’m gonna’ have my Mom take a new picture when it happens!
Arvid, I'm not sure, but I think they put you in an Easter dress that year...sorry, buddy!
This is the next Easter after he, evidently, ate MY Easter candy, as well as his own!

Happy Easter, however and wherever you spend it!

In Your Easter Bonnet...

Could this little girl's hat have been any larger?  And, the banana curls are KILLER - beautiful Easter finery, at it's best, from the very early 1900's.

Another fun necklace down this week, with one more "in the works", for myself (in "Aspen" yellows this time).  This one was done in "Chili Pepper" rivolis, and "Montana" Swarovski crystals (orange and blue - and for those people who don't have a color wheel handy, yes, they are "complimentary colors"...just ask the Denver Broncos - not that that's what I was going for)...a few carnelian agates thrown in, along with brass accent pieces (the watch fob is a new reproduction piece).  The cloth and German "glitter glass" Easter eggs are from a dear friend in CO - Joleen, at - some of my favorite Easter decorations (though you really can't see too much of them...take my word for it, they're extra cute!).

Kinda' short on words tonight (an obvious lack of sleep), so I will let it stand simply at this.  Happy Saturday!  I'm sure a Sunday post will be in order.
...with all the frills upon it,
You'll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade"...Irving Berlin