Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter, Happy Spring...

HAPPY EASTER – HAPPY SPRING! A time for refreshing and looking ahead to the new. While on the hunt for the cabinet card of the little girl with the big hat, I ran across some forgotten items in my collection, and did a little reminiscing (very little – in fact, it was pretty mindless, but amused me greatly...doesn't take much!).
Ever on the lookout for the “unique” (OK, “quirky” and “bizarre”, by everyone else’s standards), I tend to pick up those items that no one else wants or knows what to do with. Found in a bin of beautiful vintage and antique photos in Boulder City, NV, this immediately brings to mind the vintage Easter postcards adorned with long legged lambs and bunnies…or NOT. Maybe a gangster Easter or Sopranos 4-H project (there is a rancher, smack dab in the middle of the cigar chomping toughs) – I know there is a sheep joke or two in here, also.  I have no clue where or when this was taken, or if they ever found the guy on the far right who seems to be hiding his face behind that sheep (in fact, none of them but the big boss seem too willing to have their faces shown), but the back of this photo indicates a larger copy was to be made to hang in a lobby somewhere…perhaps a State Penitentiary?
Then I looked over and saw this little delight, that sits out year-round, not just at Easter time (right next to the antique thimble holder of a cat trying to cut his ear off with a pair of scissors).  Dug up with discarded bisque dolls from a doll factory in Thuringen, Germany - is the bunny attacking this baby, who seems to be fending it off? Yeah, I do love this - it's very Monty Python Killer Rabbitesque!
I also ran across some old family photos that my Mom gave me a few years back, tucked in with the cabinet cards. This is April, 1961 – about a month after my brother, Arvid (it's a Swedish name), was born…just in time for his first Easter - how exciting!...though he certainly doesn't look that way, ingrate! I would expect that on this, his 49th Easter, he will probably have that very same, lethargic look hit him, right around late afternoon, after spending the day in a houseful of company (back home in CO) and consuming mass quantities of food (and/or alcoholic beverages, whichever comes first).  I’m gonna’ have my Mom take a new picture when it happens!
Arvid, I'm not sure, but I think they put you in an Easter dress that year...sorry, buddy!
This is the next Easter after he, evidently, ate MY Easter candy, as well as his own!

Happy Easter, however and wherever you spend it!


Jackie said...

Wow, Arvid, you got some real mean parents there! That must be where you get your wicked sense of humor! hahahaha! Love the bunny attacking the baby, classic easter event there!!

Pat K said...

I love the family pictures--so nostalgic. I think I had curtains like those in our navy apartment in Hawaii during the late 60's.

Colleen said...

Loved these pics - I have many as well!