Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Helping Hand...

One of our "jewelry friends" is a Las Vegas Metro policewoman.  She's a tiny little thing, our Ronna is, but full of spunk, and I would hate to be one of the bad guys.  She contacted us the other evening to ask for donations for a silent auction, as Metro is trying to raise money to send the families of the 4 officers who were killed in the line of duty in Vegas last year, to Washington, DC next month. This event happens every year in May, in our capital, to recognize fallen officers across the nation.

I was able to finish up two necklaces for their cause last evening, before my company flies into town...one, a hand formed/hammered copper piece with glass pearls and fire polish "peas"; the other, a brass leaf with Swarovski crystals and carnelian agates.  Glad to be able to "give back" - thanks for asking, Ronna!


Jackie said...

I love the leaf one! Wow, I wonder how we can go bid on stuff?? hmm... Nice work T!

oldgreymare said...

It's why you are one of the " bestest" gals around. You have a good heart. OK enough of this email stuff- we have to get together. I'm having a potluck here soon, maybe you and a friend could come? The beading nutballs will be here :-)