Sunday, February 20, 2011


I'm a day late (and usually a dollar short...yesterday was one of those wild and crazy Saturdays) on posting the Rhinestone Cowgirl Crackerjack Giveaway winner, though I did have my daughter pull a name and I contacted Amanda, at Girl In Pink, to give her the news yesterday afternoon.  Amanda has a beautiful blog...a 'pink', girly girl in a household of 'boys'.  A heartfelt thank you to all who dropped a note in the comments section on the giveaway post, or signed on as a follower - I had 67 entries...and you're all winners in my book!  We'll do this again...I promise.

Yesterday afternoon found us driving to Primm, NV (Stateline, as it's affectionately known in Vegas circles - the border of NV and CA, and the last chance for those looking to leave some cash behind before exiting the state.  Or, your first chance to drop it off, depending on the direction you're driving.  Stateline sits approx. 35 minutes south of Vegas) to enjoy the fabulous BONNIE RAITT in concert (not my video, because you would have, undoubtedly, heard me "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhing" the talkers in the background.  One of my favorite Raitt songs, "Angel From Montgomery", written by John Prine).
Have loved her voice and guitar work for-evvvvvvvvvvvvv-er.  I wore out three of her albums driving back and forth on countless trips from St. Louis to Denver, and back, in the late 80's/early 90's - of course, those were cassette tapes and would need to be replaced with CD's eventually, anyway...yes, I had 8-tracks at one point, too - when I was four. Shhhhhhhhhhh! I am NOT that old), and was SO excited to get the chance to see her perform in person. It was a wonderful way to spend an evening - dinner, drinks, friends, and kick-ass blues - wish you could have been there!

Back atcha' in a few days - it's raining outside, and a great day for a nap (maybe the rest of those cracker jacks, too)!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY... family and friends, near and far...KNOW YOU ARE LOVED, plain and simple.  Frankly, my dears, I DO give a damn!  Happy Valentines Day, 2011 ~ XOXO

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

THE SHIRT OFF HER BACK... now the apron around her waist.  My friend, Jackie, and I ran across a darling apron idea in a magazine last week, repurposed from a man's shirt.  Telling me she had an old shirt that no longer fit her, I was gifted with it the following evening, after an impromptu Friday night of drinks and laughter.  Not thinking she wanted me to actually wear it, as it was about 80 sizes too small (she definitely needs to grow a body), I took it home and tore into it.  A soft, white, pinwale corduroy it is...the ruffle (made from the corduroy on the back of the shirt) was added to give it some width, and I added a loop at the waist, to accommodate a hand towel for keeping hand prints off her pretty white apron.
Finished just in time to join in on White Wednesday fun, at Faded Charm.

And, every once in awhile I finish up a piece that I feel like keeping for myself (or it's so obnoxious that I know no one else wants it).  I actually finished a piece a few weeks ago, as the precursor to the Rhinestone Cowgirl necklaces (one of which I am giving away next week - see how to enter above), and knew it was destined for my own jewelry box.
My very own "Rhinestone Cowgirl Godfather Necklace"...the disembodied horse heads were given to me some years back, having come from a vintage conch belt.  The necklace sports a large, 2" crystal with cowgirl and cowgirl definition (ripped from my dictionary, much to my daughter's horror), underneath; a beautiful vintage rhinestone earring; hand-formed silver loops, turquoise; red fire-polish beads; a stunning, antique, aqua rhinestone button; more crystals; and sterling silver wire and components.  The three strand crystal necklace belonged to my Mom, in high school.

The Key to Her Heart necklace was headed to the shop until my daughter got ahold of it, and I offered it up as restitution for desecrating the dictionary - fashioned from discarded, vintage jewelry pieces - a 1-3/8" gold plated heart hangs beneath a gold tone mesh bow; gold metal rose with a sparking rhinestone is another old jewelry piece; 2-3/4" antique skeleton key; and various crystals, fire polish beads and vintage rhinestone buttons join up with hand formed loops and brass chain - Happy Valentine's Day, Jaci.

Entry for the Rhinestone Cowgirl Crackerjack Necklace Giveaway ends February 18th, with the winner announced on the 19th.  Have a wonderful week...stay creative - and warm, to my family back in Denver.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Challenging myself to find something profound or, at the very least, heartfelt, that would live up to some pretty high blog post standards this year, (Project Genesis at Old Grey Mare), I finally hit upon an event that we participate in locally, though a nationwide grassroots effort to help feed the homeless - the Annual Empty Bowls Benefit.  I have already had a few 'locals' ask that I remind them, so here's your first reminder...and the perfect opportunity to join in on Suzan's monthly mission.
This will mark the eleventh consecutive year that the Nevada Clay Guild will have cosponsored the Annual Empty Bowls Benefit, (Empty Bowls flier for 2011 - check out the Soupline Facts) which helps to feed the hungry of Las Vegas. In Spring 2009, the bowls made by the members of the Guild, and students of Donna Potter (artist and Green Valley High School pottery teacher extraordinaire) helped raise over $34,000 in one afternoon (growing from $9,000 raised in its first year, and rising exponentially each year), which directly feeds the homeless and hungry who visit the Las Vegas Catholic Worker soup lines five mornings a week, year round. 
The event is held in the cafeteria of Green Valley High School, with student and teacher volunteers, Clay Guild Members, and LV Catholic Worker members pitching in to line tables with bowl after bowl, during the afternoon. As one bowl is taken from the table, another takes it's place. These artisans work year-round to make sure this event has enough on hand - each and every one of these bowls is beautiful and unique, making for a pretty tough decision. There are also silent and live auctions of incredible, donated pottery and art pieces.
Once you have selected your bowl (or bowls - extras are there for the buying and remember, all monies go directly to benefit the hungry), you head to the soup lines and pick out your soup, a roll and a glass of lemonade...undoubtedly a lot more than most homeless get daily.  An extremely worthwhile local effort, that is conducted nationwide...please, look for it in your area.

Nevada Clay Guild Annual Empty Bowl Benefit Luncheon & Auction
Helping to Feed the Hungry in Las Vegas
11th Annual Empty Bowl Benefit
April 9, 2011
11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Green Valley High School Cafeteria
460 Arroyo Grande Blvd. (just North of Warm Springs Rd.) Henderson, Nevada

Adults: $15 Children 12 & under: $12
Additional bowls available for purchase