Friday, April 23, 2010

Girly, "Frou-Frou" Things...

"Frou-Frou" - n. 1.  Fussy or showy dress or
Well, the Vertigo is still with me on one side, but with the motion sickness medication, it's "manageable".  I spent the week agonizing over whether the inner workings of my head would be "still" long enough to take a class this week, and was thrilled yesterday when I was actually there!  I have looked forward to this for so long.  This was a Victorian/Edwardian style beaded pendant class taught by "quilter, turned beader", Heather French...of the much loved "French Roses" quilt pattern fame, for you sewers.  Our paths have wended their way through the same sewing/teaching "haunts", and mutual friends, all these past years, but I was never able to actually put a face with a name until yesterday.  What an incredible talent Heather, seemingly, everything she touches!  Her designs, from the quilting to her jewelry now, have never failed to amaze and delight me.

The beading was worked on a screen base (something I'd not attempted before), and then attached to a filigree backing.  We were offered up three different pattern options - I chose what I love, which is the free-form beading.  I know that I will be going back and attempting the other two patterns, as well...probably as soon as this evening if I know myself.  In addition to the numerous little seed bead fringes, Charlottes, crystals, and pearls, I incorporated some of my vintage buttons into the piece, as well as the beautiful old brass stamping it now sits atop.  Thank you, Heather - what a great "frou-frou" day it was!


oldgreymare said...

It's just lovely and you went straight home and did the chain. You are amazing! My friends loved my blog friend and Kim raved about how kind you are also.

It was wonderful to see you yesterday! It was very bad at the shop. Those terrible, evil girls made me spend so much money on beads and then they made me go to Grape Street to eat a 1000 calorie sandwich. Whatever will I do? :0

hope the fog lifts soon...

Jackie said...

Wow that is one frilly fancy little number you got there missy!! Way out of my league, glad you had a good class, and all worked out well!

Ahl Cooped Up said...

Tanya, I hope you keep on getting better.
The Beading is Awesome! Very intersting about the quilter turned beader. Love it!

Colleen said...

Oh, Tanya - this piece is absolutely beautiful!
You did a great job and I love your work!

Congrats on a fabulous job!