Monday, April 25, 2011


Hope your Easter was wonderful, no matter how you spent it.  I actually enjoyed some time to myself, sewing - finishing up a few promised projects, and flying through two samples for a brand new venture.  For those of you who are local to Las Vegas, I have "plugged back in" with a brand new quilt/fabric store in town, and will be teaching again, as soon as June.  SEW OBSESSED is located at 147 Water Street, Ste. #120, in downtown Henderson.  This beautiful little shop is a RIOT of color, fabulous fabrics, the newest patterns, and unique gifts...with one of the most personable shop owners you could ever hope to meet!  Drop in, meet Lorna, and take a look around - I guarantee you'll be glad you did!  Jump on her mailing list while you're there - classes will be taking off soon...spread the word, if you're local.
This new bag of mine will be a "store exclusive" pattern, and has been dubbed "Sew Obsessed".  A comfortable, quilted, shoulderbag with a full panel of pockets across the inside, and instructions for accessorizing with fabulous fabric roses - as many or as few as you like.

All fabrics used in these two bags are available in the shop - the green bag is now spoken for, but a few will be heading to the etsy shop next week, in case anyone is interested.  Yes, I might just have found my sewing mojo again!
I also hit my vintage rhinestone stash...obsession was definitely the name of the game on these.

Vintage buttons for closures...and lots of thread.  Both bags are custom, free-motion quilted - pattern can be made simply with quilted lines.
AND, Ashley's horses were mailed off today.  I had a special request from her Mom, my friend Joleen, back home in CO.  Our country girl, Ash, has a special fondness for horses, and had been eyeballing a 1st grade backpack of the equine variety.  I was more than happy to accommodate such a special little girl.  How cute is this?

Another custom quilted bag...zipper pocket across the front, and zipper opening on the side gusset.  Lots and lots of pockets inside, and enough horses to last her for years.

Cowgirl up, Ashley!  Cowgirl up!  Next on the agenda is the purse I did to help out my friend, Carole - made from a vintage, beaded top - all hand sewn, as the vintage pearls, sequins and bugle beads wouldn't allow for any machine work.  Happy Monday, friends...


Colleen Mcgraw said...

Congratulations Tanya!! you will be a huge asset to the shop

Jackie said...

Dude that bag is awesome! If I did not already own so many of your bags I would be in that class! Way to go! I will go check out the store when I get back from Del Mar!
Have fun teaching!

Jillayne said...

Oh my Tanya - they're gorgeous! Everything's coming up roses these days huh? I love how they look on the bags - such a perfect addition.
The shop sounds fabulous and they are lucky to have you. Enthusiastic teachers are the biggest asset a quilt shop can have.
Hopefully someday on my travels I'll get there!

The Primitive Bucket said...

OMG, I'm speechless and you know that is a feat... That bag is the bomb and you ROCK!!! Ash is going to just flip out and if I let her out of the house with it will be the next question!! I can't wait to see it!!! And I'm so glad you are back to teaching again. Those lucky gals.. I so wish I lived closer!! You are a 1 in my book!! I'll let you know when I get the'll see the smiles all the way from Colorado!!! LOVE YA LOVE YA!!!

By the Bluegrass said...

Oh, I am loving these purses! the detail is so great! You do such beautiful work. The horse purse would be great around here...especially this time of year...Derby time in Kentucky.

oldgreymare said...

sewjo mojo!

I can hear the machine humming from down the street.....that was you? lol


Ronna said...

Awesome you are teaching again! And the shop you are teaching at is super close to me on Water Street....even better! The shop definitely will have a true talent with them. Do they have a website for class times? You go girl! I'll be checking it out.

Mandy said...

I adore all the flowers on this bag! I hope that one of my trips back to Vegas will coincide with one of your classes, I would love to take one! You are an excellent teacher!!!

MaryMary said...


I was trying to find sew obsessed's website and came upon your that there's another Colorado girl here in Vegas! :)