Tuesday, August 23, 2011


In playing catch-up with teaching mega classes at the store and getting samples finished, everyday life has taken a "hit" recently...that has included updating my blog on a timely basis.  So, let's rectify that, shall we.  While with the out of town girls from CO and MO, our second day together found us heading up and over beautiful Loveland Pass.

Located on the Continental Divide in the Front Range west of Denver, the summit of the Pass has an elevation of 11,990 ft. above sea level (cold, windy, and lots of snow...in the middle of June).  The road is a steep climb and drop, with lots of hairpin turns...not my favorite road to drive over as a kid (before they built the Eisenhower Tunnel), but certainly a beautiful drive, and one that Joleen and I wanted Chris and Angie to experience.  Angie was NOT impressed, and asked to sit in the back on our way down.

The other side drops you right into Dillon Reservoir..not actually into the lake, but into the town of Dillon, itself - a great place for a photo op, and to let Angie catch her breath, once we were down from the mountain.
Travelling down the road, towards the lovely little mountain town of Breckenridge, we took a tiny detour for some more CO history.  When gold was discovered in the Blue River in 1859, dredge boats were brought in to extract it.  There are still the remnants of nine of these rigs, and the piles of rocks dredged out of the rivers, in the area.  A little hiking, picture taking, and more of a chance for Angie to lose that green tinge her face had taken on.
Lunch and sightseeing, among friends - wonderful way to spend a day!  CO has recently passed the medical marijuana law, and "dispensaries" are plentiful throughout the state...while we didn't have a membership pass that day, it provided for a pretty great photo op.

Which brings me to the goodies...and creative talent in the hands of every one of these gals.  Each of us came bearing gifts for the others.
Make sure and click on the photos to enlarge - if you get a magnifying glass with a + sign, click again!  My eyes aren't what they used to be, either.
Angie brought me two gorgeous necklaces she had made - Marie Antoinette and antique keys, under glass.  AND, she fashioned a photo holder from maps of each of our respective homes, and summer destination spots.  As soon as she gets a website, I can send you her way.

The stunning, vintage jewelry box was hand painted by Chris (The Antique Pallet).  I've received several of Chris' beautiful art pieces over the past few years, and each seems to outdo the next.  I don't know how she will top this, and I will cherish it forever!

Last, but certainly not least, was the beautiful large jar and antique sewing basket (to add to my collection), from dear Joleen (The Primitive Bucket).  She even used a tutorial I posted awhile back, for the flowers, one of which has the most wonderful antique button atop it, and now holds my secrets and my heart.  Thank you girls...for the gifts and a fabulous three days of fun among friends!  Here's to you, girls...throw back a Patron, in those Coors shot glasses, for me!  XOXO


Jackie said...

Wow I hope I can visit Colorado one day! looks beautiful! Great gifts from great friends!

Dorthe said...

Your gifts are amazing, dear- and so beautiful all- what great friends, you have, and so lovely to share a beautiful trip, like this.

Colleen said...

I loved these pictures so much and your friends are as crafty as you are and it is difficult to do something for you because you are sooooooo talented in sooooooo many venues! It is so nice to see some beautiful scenery, other than Nevada which is all dessert - it's been a long time since I have to Colorado but going back in June with chill in the air would be nice - thank you for sharing!

The Primitive Bucket said...

It was a fun trip and made it even better sharing it with you three girlies!!!! Would do it again in a heart beat!!! Love you girlie..miss you tons!!

Carole said...

A great get away and gift?? what could be better?

glad you had fun,

Lorna said...

I am wondering how to become friends with all those talented women? I LOVE the gifts you gave one another and the picture of the stream and lush green foliage looks like it was taken for a brochure. Amazing!

Mindi said...

Your pictures were amazing. I lived on the Front Range for over 3 years, yet never made it up to Breckenridge in that time.

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

Ahh how wonderful!! That must have been a great trip. Those are some very talented ladies.Love the photo's!!