Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SANTO DE ESTRELLA - A Creative Exploration With Robin Dudley-Howes

I've been given the wonderful opportunity of attending a two-day local event in Vegas, this coming March, conducted by artisan Robin Dudley-Howes...there are a few seats still available for this extravaganza - information for contacting Robin direct, as well as more of her stunning photos, follow:

A 2-day creative exploration with Robin Dudley-Howes!
March 17 & 18, 2012
Las Vegas, NV
Hosted by Jan Ballagh
Cost: $160 plus $55 kit for both days ($215 total)
Robin’s Class Description:  My love for this art form started several years ago from an article in Los Angeles magazine. I still have the pictures and have been intrigued ever since. Basically, Santos (Spanish name for “Saints”) cage dolls, as I understand them, were hand carved in the 17th and 18th centuries by priests in Spain and Portugal for religious ceremonies, processions and home alters. They took the place of a church or priest in times of war when travel was restricted or if the local church was too far and the cage was utilized as a space for sacred objects and offerings.
As I created my own version of this Santos I wanted to convey a sense of beauty, peace and whimsical sweetness but still keep the general integrity and shape of the original antique cage dolls that I had studied.    The process of sculpting and refining the details started in June 2011 using polymer clay.  My first prototype burned but luckily I was able to make a mold from it!  From the ashes (so to speak) there was further refinement and finally the finished product, which I am sharing with you.  This is a time intensive project and will take a full 2 days.  In this class you will learn:  Armature construction, faux wood surface techniques using molding paste, paints and dyes, how to paint eyes using a template, assembling the cage to the torso with solder and decorative elements.  Of course we need to make fun items to accessorize her like a banner, crepe paper collar, earrings, crown and a necklace that can be converted into your own personal bracelet.  The “bracelet” techniques will include simple jewelry construction and my own “faux” swivel clasp technique to add several charms.  A weekend full of techniques and fun for sure!  You should be able to finish and leave with your very own Santo de Estrella art piece! 
The kit includes most everything to make your beautiful Santo: My original sculpted head, arms and hands, heavy armature wire, torso, pre-cut wood, filigrees, crown material, glass glitter, vintage crepe paper, use of dyes, molding paste, 2 part epoxy putty & paints, copper foil and sheet. You will also receive supplies for the Peace banner and crown, rhinestones for her earrings, chain, beads/pearls and wire for her necklace which can be used as a bracelet for you.
Students will bring:
Needle and thread (white)
Jewelry pliers (chain nose, small round nose and wire cutters)
1 Empty (or full) baby bell, Laughing Cow cheese container (this will be used for the cage bottom).
Soldering iron with stand and sponge
Lead free solder
Gel flux
Charms for your bracelet
Please email questions to robin@powerline6.com. A deposit of $90 will hold your seat. All final payments in full for the total amount of $215 must be made by February 29, 2012. No refunds. All deposits are final. Please make payments to:

Robin Dudley-Howes
1321 Engracia Ave
Torrance, Ca. 90501

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Dorthe said...

Oh how beautiful, and so fantastic- the face is wonderful, and I love how arms are attatshed-if I understand right, this is your creation,and she is gorgeous.