Monday, April 9, 2012


As promised, more shots from the Year of the Dragon Botanical Display at the Bellagio, this past month.  These flowers are maintained and changed out on a daily basis (stock coming from the huge on-site greenhouse), as they wither and turn brown. They changed out this entire display just about a week ago, and my daughter and I drove down and took in the new one, yesterday.  Spring at the Bellagio has brought gorgeous tulips, a large windmill, and huge wooden shoes - pictures to follow in a few days.  For now, enjoy the rest of the lovely Chinese New Year display...

Above the 18-foot ceiling of the hotel registration lobby is a coffer filled with the most extraordinary glass sculpture, a chandelier called Fiori di Como by glass sculptor Dale Chihuly.  This stunning piece is comprised of 2,000 hand-blown glass blossoms.  The red lantern and fan displays sat behind the registration desk.

No attention to detail has been overlooked at this fabulous attraction...from the gorgeous hand painted bouquets gracing the ceiling above the chandeliers in the hallway leading from the Conservatory, to the larger than life, equally fabulous poster in the window of the ritzy Omega store on my way out.


Dorthe said...

Dear Tanya, must have been really amazing to have actually been there.
Hugs,dear friend-

Jackie said...

Ahhh I think the poster was the best part!! hahaha!

Colleen said...

Loved these pictures too - this is always a great place to take peeps!

oldgreymare said...

OK OK you really need to drag my butt out of this house and out to rediscover Vegas girlfriend <3
the poster should be Johnny Depp though PLEEEEASE!