Saturday, May 12, 2012

MY INSPIRATION... drawn from many places, but mostly my Mom, celebrating Mother's Day back home in Colorado today.  Always encouraging in the creativity department, as well as everything else I've ever done with my life, this arrived in the mail for me (from her, like I'm her mother or something), this week.  "Make something with it", she said..."I have faith in you", she always says.  The scissors came with the Bakelite rose, and belonged to my great-grandmother on my Dad's side - Grandma Gove.  I come from a long line of seamstresses, on both sides.
In the midst of this old family photo, is not only my Mom's Mom, but her Grandmother, and Great-Grandmother, also.  Raised on a ranch in Freeland, CO, my Grandma (Hazel) Rhyno raised two pretty wonderful daughters of her own, years after this photo was taken.
Once a fashionista, always a fashionista...she can't help it - she was born with style!
Her senior photo - Barbara (Bobbie) Jean - I would kill for a pair of sunglasses made from those specs!  She captured the heart of my Dad soon after, and went on to raise three kids of her own (two of whom turned out pretty awesome...wink, wink); who produced seven grand kids; who, in turn, are now in the throws of child bearing themselves, adding three "greats" to my parent's count.  The old folks, back on the ranch, would be proud!
So, like I said...Mom has always been an inspiration not only in the everyday life type of things, but in the crafty thingamajigs department of life, too.  Handy with scissors...we ALWAYS had the BEST homemade Halloween costumes, growing up - dear sister is still wearing the witch's hat.  Mom could (and CAN) do anything (same goes for Dad...such talent from both of their hands, and minds).  When she sent the rose this week, I had already been in the throes of making bangles...lots and lots of bangles, from a great online tutorial I had recently purchased here.  You, too, can make bangle stacks - the hot accessory for summer, if you don't have cat-eye glasses and have to make do with something far less cool.
I had actually finished the stack of bangles before the rose arrived, and realized that the color fit right into the whole scheme of things.  Struggling for two days to come up with a way to hang it (from hand beaded chain, to threading all the beads onto beading line, and then ripping everything apart, over and over again), I stepped back today, and realized it needed to be simple to go with the rest of the Bohemian feel...hence, the leather cord, with a few beads...amen.
Utilizing my own daughter as a hand model (she wouldn't allow the camera any higher tonight, with threat of bodily harm), the resulting set of fun.  "Make something", I did, Mom...thanks for the huge amounts of love and encouragement throughout my will never know just how much you mean to me...OK, you might.
Coming out of the Barry Manilow show in Vegas last summer, with new "glow stick earrings" from the I said, always the fashionista, always beautiful, and always fun!  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MOM - I love you!
And, speaking of fun and since I'm on a bangle kick around here (yes, the Bakelite bangles still get stacked 5 high on most days), LOOK at what I found this week, on a quick trek through TJ Maxx.  I even left the price tag on so you could see the bargain I got - heavy, real brass beauties from India...not flimsy, these babies are substantial - all 36 of them!!  I'm sharing them with my Mom...not that she isn't worth a lot more!


oldgreymare said...

Happy Mother's Day my dear friend!
Lovely bangles..cannot wait to see what you've been up to <3

Poet Whale said...

Wonderful story
Happy Mother's Day!

Your designs have a richness that's very attractive as well as creative.

You Mom has a beautiful smile, your Dad as well.

Colleen Mcgraw said...

Happy Mother's Day ...what great family photos ...real treasures for sure! I miss my mother so much, you are so lucky to still make memories and to tell her you love her.

vicki said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mother-- and yes- she IS so pretty!! You did a wonderful job with the rose- the necklace is totally boho chic!! Love it!
Your Mom should be proud!

Jackie said...

You are so lucky..your mom is going to adopt me now that I am an orphan, right???
Bangles just don't look good on my teenie tiny wrists, but you can rock them all you like my chica friend, and Happy moms day, I hope your kids spoil you rotten today because you deserve it!!!

bj said...

haaahhhaaa...your mama is a doll. :)
Happiest Mother's Day.

Jody and Stan said...

What a beautiful story about your mother. I know she is a very special person and what a wonderful day to celebrate her. Hope you have a fun day. Love this post and your beautiful creative bangles. Happy Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to the best daughter ever. Cute, funny, caring, and the best Mother to my grand kids. The necklace and bracelets are FABULOUS, just fun, fun, fun. Love you so much. Mom and Dad

Dorthe said...

Dear Tanya,
Happy mothers day ,I hope you have some wonderful hours.
Your mother looks gorgeous , and very sweet, -and the bangles and necklace you made with you new rose, are all so beautiful-I love bangles,like you, and yours are special.

Createology said...

Your love of family pours forth in this loving tribute to your Mother on this Mother's Day. Treasured scissors she gave to you. The necklace and bracelets are wonderful. Very cleverly creative of you dear. Happy Mother's Day...

DearHelenHartman said...

How sweet that your mom has faith in your fabulous talent. The peek into your family's past is so fun - ooooh Those Glasses! I WANT!

Jillayne said...

Lovely post Tanya!
The scissors look absolutely amazing - what a treasured gift they are.
And of course the bangles are smashing - I love how they look on your daughter's arm - very cool!

Mary said...

Wow! Just Wow! This is a wonderful tribute to your mother and family. You got her style and sense of humor! You're quite the fashionista yourself!

Happy Belated Mom's Day to you too!

Mandy said...

Oh my yummy!!! Love the bakelite rose and the necklace you made with it! And those bangles, oh those bangles, I think I'm gonna have to buy that tutorial, thanks for sharing!!!