Thursday, September 20, 2012


FULL SPEED AHEAD!  I've been gone so long, they've changed the blog format on me! Missing in action these past few months, due to an extended, extended vacation - a new travelogue to follow in a day or so.  Hopefully I can provide some vacation ideas for you to catalog for a future trip of your own.  For now, a quick recap, before I work my way back to present times (yes, kind of like a time machine)...a mish mash of sorts, but something to get me out of the after vacation funk and back in blogging mode.
A trip to Denver with my husband's family...these are my delightful nieces (and a friend on the left), with my own daughter in the back...where the tall are made to stand for photos (she is not on her tiptoes - those cute girls in front are just that short).  We had a wonderful time with his family - I did post about that portion of the trip before I got distracted and took to traveling again, but this photo was worth posting again.
Left there, while my own little family traveled back to Vegas, to spend some quality time with my parents, across town.  Spent some time on both trips to Denver, searching for (and finding, on the second try) a long lost family plot with my parents (1880)...and cataloguing a little more family history for myself, along the way.
Traveled through the old home state of CO with them, on day trips, and then took a fabulous, meandering week driving back to Vegas (parents in tow) through the beautiful Southwest.
Went to Hawaii for 9 days after that, with my husband - he had been working there for 6 months and was a little lonely, so he brought me over.  I had never been, and was thoroughly enchanted.  I had a far different take on things than he did, living and working there - he's glad to be back now...
How could you not love Paradise?

Went BACK to Denver 5 days later, for a second round with my folks...took in a PERFECT Broadway play (my reason for traveling back - "Book of Mormon, the Musical", by the South Park boys)...did a little more traveling around the state and just enjoyed their company...
Even dragged my Dad, good sport that he was, to a concert at the beautiful Redrocks Amphitheater, on a windy evening (this was early in the evening - it was packed before it was over).  Mom got sick that day - I know we enjoyed ourselves much more than she did.
But she made up for it.  Mom usually spends a week here with us during CO hunting season, while the boys are off doing "boy things".  I got back from Denver, and she followed this year, 10 days later.  She just left on Saturday - we spent a winning week doing "girl things", shopping, and playing on The Strip, where I forced her to let me snap her picture after one of the shows we went to.  Yes, she noticed the size of his hand. 
All in all, a fabulous summer to tell you about, so pedal to the metal...full steam ahead - here goes.  But before I get out of the parking lot, two license plates we ran across that cracked me up - I admit, it doesn't take a whole lot...told you it was going to be a mish mash!
Not a fan of the teen vampire movies but this made me laugh, walking through the lot at The Bellagio...and then there was this:
I AM a fan of the old Mel Brooks movies...Young Frankenstein, in particular...
"Now that brain that you gave me. Was it Hans Delbruck's?"
"Ah! Very good. Would you mind telling me whose brain I DID put in?"
"Then you won't be angry?"
"I will NOT be angry."
"Abby someone."
"Abby someone? Abby who?"
"Abby... Normal."
"Abby Normal?"
"I'm almost sure that was the name."

And we're off...thanks for sticking around...


Jackie said...

Oh finally! I love to read about your travels and see the wonderful photos! Hurry!

Colleen Mcgraw said...

Your very first trip to Hawaii for 9 days and you only post 2 pictures? Did you just sit on the beach and drink fruity drinks all day?
You are so lucky to have so much quality time with your parents, memories you will always cherish :)

Jillayne said...

Oh yes, I;m here. Sounds like you've been a busy gal and had all sorts of adventures - so cool. And I absolutely love your post about Connie Francis - love her sound!
So you finally went to Hawaii and looked around the place and loved it. SO what else???? did you at least have a Mai Tai?????