Tuesday, February 25, 2014


DISCLAIMER - I still love star gazing, but have discovered I may not be very good at it on ZERO minutes of sleep, and..."the morning sun when it's in your face really shows your my age".

I feel the need to add this disclaimer atop the blog post of this morning.  No sleep the prior night and my delirium at 5:00 am may have caused me to jump the gun, just a bit.  Seeing that SUPER brightness in the morning sky, with no explanation for it other than knowing that the International Space Station was scheduled to be visible this week (thanks to the weatherman on the news the night before - it's all his fault, you know), that is what I assumed I was looking at through bleary, sleep deprived eyes.
HOWEVER, upon further research tonight, the planet Venus is set to be at its ABSOLUTE most brilliant on the morning of the 26th (tomorrow morning - can you imagine if it was that brilliant this morning, what I could expect tomorrow if I stayed awake LONGER, and waited?!).  In this SAME position in the night sky. SAME as the expected fly over of the International Space Station.  SAME International Space Station which my friend Jackie spotted tonight, which led me to said fact checking, which has now led to the conclusion that said Space Station is expected in this same position on March 10th and 11th E/SE skies at the same approx. time in the morning as today - holy crap!  Got it?  VENUS/MOON MORNING SKY WATCHING - click on that there for more info, if you dare.
I digress - it may be Venus...it probably IS Venus (yeah, chances are 99% it IS, but it was still cool!).  YOU think YOU'RE confused?  I STILL need sleep! My Dad is STILL a Moon Man.  And now Rod Stewart is in on it, and WHY you might ask?!  So, did I tell you I saw Rod Stewart here two months ago, because I DID.  And it was REALLY him.  THAT'S THE FACT, JACK (we're all gonna' miss Harold Ramis - I loved his movies - who we gonna' call now, Ghostbusters?)! Yeah, I need LOTS of sleep before I look for that for-real Space Station in the sky.


Hindustanka said...

Hi Tanya! ope you got better the next night... you post screams of you needing to sleep. Take care and wish you to see that space station/Venus and anything bright worth watching in the night sky. We like to look at the Venus these days, it indeed looks much brighter than usual. Take care, hugsss!

Stacy @ Sweethearts + Sweet Tarts said...

I did see Venus early this morning, it just above a rising crescent moon and it was spectacularly bright and beautiful. We were on our way to take my husband to the airport and hopefully it was a sign that we have a good year ahead of us. Mark your calendar for the next space station flyover and remember, it will be moving fast!!!

Jo said...

I love watching for the international space station ... cant see it at all from where i live but from my brothers cabin in the summer the views are spectacular.