Monday, May 12, 2014


Finding a serious need to change the Easter Bunny out after a month, I can think of no better animal than the infamous BUSHWHACKER.  "Saturday Night Girls Night Out" (thank the "powers that be" that no husbands wanted to go along on THIS one!), Jackie and I ditched em' and headed to the RODEO... Professional Bull Riding's Last Cowboy Standing, at Mandalay Bay in Vegas, to be exact.
Unbelievable seats - larger than life action - and COWBOYS!  The TOUGHEST of cowboys!  This was the final night of an event they'd been building up to for weeks...wheedling down the field to 25 of the best bull riders on the circuit.  Guilherme Marchi, of Brazil, took home the $100,000 prize.
And my heart...sigh.
And a little flying slobber and dirt in our hair was well worth this view!  Boy, was it ever!  
And...wait for it...from bulls to hunks to MEAT (there's more cowboy action at the end)!
Another heavyweight legend - MEATLOAF for dinner on Tuesday night.  Stories from his life, his biggest hits, a giant bat out of hell, and my own fabulous, complimentary pin to accessorize with!  What more could a girl ask?
66-years-young - a little slower (aren't we all) on the stage, but the pipes are still there, and it's a fabulous evening of rock and roll fun from the past.  If you're coming through town, he will be here through June 21st. A smaller (ala old school Vegas), more personable venue - we were fourth row, center stage.  Close enough for slobber to hit us here too, but thankfully it wasn't the case! 
Back in the saddle again, on the blog...ran by the cactus garden and snapped the final blooms of the Spring this morning.  Will dazzle you with those in a few days, but until then...Marchi's $100,000 ride on Rango.


Jackie said...

Oh yeah! That was a fun time! We got to go to that every time!! Whooohooo! Ride em cowboy!

Maywyn Studio said...

Oh dear. that's quite a swoon worthy cowboy.
Glad you had a good time

My Garden Diaries said...

I want to go to one of these! My goodness is he a handsome fella! This looks like a blast pal! I am so glad you and Jackie have each other! You guys really now how to have a good time! Hope you are well lady! Nicole xoxo

Hindustanka said...

Thatw as a fun night out Tanya!
I always used to like cowboys, mostly from Western movies, strong, manly, riding horses, fighting villains...
But I have never seen rodeo! Must be really spectacular! Thansk for taking us along :) I think you are getting back on track and happy that you find time to cheer yourself up. Take care Tanya!

111 LaLa Lane said...

What a lucky girl you are! Hunky cowboys....oh my! And I love me some Meatloaf. But you can keep the slobber. HaHa!

Mary Ann Potter said...

Wow. Not just a good time but a IPRESSIVELY good time!