Monday, November 10, 2014


Unwittingly, two friends provided me with the absolute best AND worst project ever, for my birthday this year.  Finished just yesterday, my "Fearless Zombie Hunter" scarf (or The "Walker" Wrap).  A TRUE "love/hate" relationship, if ever there was one.  The original name on this pattern, for all you Ravelry chicks, is LES MISERABLES, and clicking on that will take you there (just like in Oz). 
The knitting bag and alpaca lace-weight yarn that inspired the creativity, coupled with a pattern I had catalogued in my stash.  MANY hours spent knitting a very well-written pattern, with mind-numbing amounts of stockinette stitch, while watching Daryl Dixon and his crossbow prowess on The Walking Dead, Sunday evenings.  And then, American Horror Story Freak Show started, and I knit right through that on Wednesday nights, too.
Felted yesterday morning, this came out SO soft and "drapey" - about 65" x 9" of intentionally tattered alpaca love. 
Pre-felting, this measured about 96" in length - or long enough to wrap a zombie (yeah, slight exaggeration).  Really fine, lace-weight yarn, coupled with large needles, made for scary knitting - LOTS of it.  So much stockinette stitch that it got VERY boring in the middle parts.  The fun came in watching the intentional runs being knit into the piece, and letting them ravel downwards.
Whether for Zombie Hunting, or simply as a fashion statement, it's going to keep me warm (I say, while secretly longing for a trek through the woods with a cross-bow wielding man, instead of just driving around town with it on).  LOVE/HATE for sure, on this project - and evidently I hated it so much that I've pulled out another skein I have squirreled away, to make a white one next!  Nuts? Undoubtedly.  Thank you to Jackie and Christy, for providing the "vehicle" for staying awake on the couch during countless nights of horror shows this past month. May YOUR week be zombie free!


Mary Ann Potter said...

Impressive! Love the looseness of this. I understand the love/hate thing; one of my least favorite parts of doing cross stitch was always the background and border. I have used linen and 18 ct. Davos (nice and soft!), and neither fabric could make up for the monotony of the same design. I haven't done any needlework in years. Perhaps it's time I pick it up again.

Jackie said...

Oh so fabulous! can't wait to see it in person! Zombies are not real, you know that, right??? But you will be the best damn zombie hunter out there!! xoxoxo!

oldgreymareprimitives said...

well isn't that just gorgeous..

I suspected from the first episode this year what the surprise was last night..Did you? I had such trauma last night at 9:00
Walking Dead
all on at 9!!! all new
so I opted for Newsroom at 9, WD at 11:00 and
Homeland tonight!
I watch so little tv could they spread them out please?
no DVR and i rarely on old school lol

Maywyn Studio said...

Good work. You scarf has a charm about it that's not easy to define. I like it.
I'm tackling a knitted hat advanced pattern for the first time. Its good to have a roll model as I expect it may turn out to match your scarf pattern. :)

My Garden Diaries said...

GOSH! That is one sexy and outstanding wrap!!! Seriously! I would pay big bucks for something like that and to think you made it! Insane! Doesn't surprise me though....your talents are endless....I have yet to see your zombie hunting skills but I have no doubt that you rock in that arena too! Wishing you a glorious week dear friend! Nicole xoxo

Dorthe said...

It is gorgeous, dear Tanya,- what a fantastic piece of work, and then while watching horrow movies,- OH MY !! LOL-- it looks amazing after the felting process, in it`s tattered look- which I love ! You have to drag your husbond to the woods,- maybe though without the cross-bow- hehehe!!
Happy tuesday sweet friend.

Createology said...

This is such an interesting wrap. I would not have known how you knit it and then felted it to create this tattered shawl. Simply Stunning. Knit another while it is fresh in your skills list. Thankfully the Zombie's are gone now that October is over. Aren't they? I do not do horror or scarey...ever!

Vicki Boster said...

Tanya- I think this is one of your most incredible projects., no way would I ever have the nerve to tackle such a thing. The felted shawl is truly a beautiful work of art!!! And the color is gorgeous.