Sunday, May 3, 2015


Parting shots from the Ethel M Cactus Garden, as our Spring winds down and we head into Summer - always a good sign, honeybees!

Various paddle cactus - I can tell you the one on the right is a Cow's Tongue Cactus.

For loved ones in CO, something you'll rarely see - a lizard crossing Rabbit Ears Pass.  Bottom left is a Fire Stick Cactus.
Ocotillo in full bloom on the left.  The cactus on the right was "in the pink" and bare, all within a week's time.

This grand old sentinel of the garden seems to be saluting the end of the desert bloom.  Here's hoping your May is already bringing the blooms promised by those April showers (and snowstorms), and that your own colorful display is starting as ours is ending.


Maywyn Studio said...

Beautiful pictures
Warmer temperatures here, after a week of rain, has trees in bloom all over the place.

Quinn said...

Ahhhh, colors!
I'm just a bit south of Maywyn, but the maples and poplars are blooming here, and there are little bits of green popping up on the ground at last. My first daffodil bloomed!
I took Piper down to the pond yesterday, and the vibrant greens of new reeds about knocked me over. Maybe I'll post a snap :)

Mary Ann Potter said...

Bright and beautiful! I love these photos!

My Garden Diaries said...

I gotta say that the colors in this garden are so shockingly stunning!!! Those blooms won my heart Tanya! And yes...seeing bees is always an awesome sign!!! Make it a great week you!! Nicole xoxo

Dorthe said...

It is amazing how these stinging hostile cactuses, are able to bring such beautiful and lovely flowers to the world, even it is for a very short time, it must be a joy to see, dear Tanua.
Hugs from Dorthe

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Our growing season is coming to an end here. Didn't know they were called paddle cactus. I've seen a few of the ones with yellow blooms around the neighborhood. I found two geckos outside my kitchen window today. Hope they aren't planning on starting a family on my balcony. Jingles will go crazy. :) Best wishes, Tammy