Sunday, August 30, 2015


The rest of the best...just a few descriptive comments for the ones who don't recognize what they're seeing - the Aladdin's lamp from atop the Aladdin Casino (now Planet Hollywood); the first half of the Stardust sign (another casino of Vegas "legend" now).
Lido de Paris, which was inside the Stardust Casino; Fitzgerald's golden coinage; and retro stars from the Stardust.
So much going on here, and not sure of all of it, but definitely a shamrock from Fitzgerald's; the old Riviera sign in the background; a large E that looks to be from the Frontier, at one time; and a king among men, though I didn't pay attention to where he held court before the Boneyard.
The old El Cortez sign (the hotel still operates downtown); and The Showboat (up the river without a paddle - in other words...gone, too).
The old Sahara Hotel and Casino - gone, but replaced by the SLS (referred to by some locals as the Sahara with Lip Stick).
You got me?!
One of the old motels on the outskirts of town.
Local signage - the pool player is all welded metal and rebar - pretty impressive work of art.
Self explanatory.
Wedding chapel, dry cleaners, Fox Theater, and the Flamingo; a hod-podge of business signage, including TELEMUNDO!; the old Silver Slipper and Desert Inn signs; and the last Frontier.  Gone, gone, and gone.
Silver Slipper; letters from the Desert Inn; and star from the Tropicana, I believe.
Wedding Chapel sign bottom right.
Lady Luck and Fitzgerald's.
Tropicana (still around); Moulin Rouge (long gone); and the Shamrock from Fitzgerald's.  The DUCK mentioned in the first post - a LARGE sign from a local used car dealership.  Great example of how intricate some of the neon could be - the blue channels between the features and yellow feathers, separated the different colors of neon, so it didn't all "blend together" upon viewing from a distance!
Vegas was home to "Mr. Showmanship", Liberace, for years before his death in 1987.  This hung above the old Liberace Museum in town, which is now defunct - his mansion has recently been restored to it's old grandeur.
Fun among the signs...Queen of Hearts Hotel (formerly The Casbah), was demolished in 2010.
And last, but never least, the large Silver Slipper that once stood high above the old Strip Casino and Hotel.  This stands to the side of the Neon Museum on LV Blvd., as part of the National Scenic Byways “Neon Signs” Project. The Museum (or Boneyard, as it is lovingly known around town) was established in 1996 (I first walked the lot in 95'), as a not-for-profit organization, the Museum's mission is to collect, preserve, and exhibit the classic Las Vegas art form of neon.  All proceeds from sales/"donations" of ticket prices go directly for preservation of the signs (the latest is the Desert Rose Motel sign).  In town and want to check it out?   They're serving Cosmic Cocktails among the lit signs on the evening of September 18th -


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

A fun way to commemorate a colorful past. :)

Maywyn Studio said...

Beautiful pictures. Thank you
Makes a person want to learn how to weld and make signs. With each pictures, I think that's a favorite, then, no, that's a favorite. They could make money selling miniatures of those signs, if they don't already.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

I remember most of them...sigh...where did the years go and what a shame that we smash and destroy here. Will folks feel the same way about the new ones 50 years from now?

Createology said...

So many memories and sadly I am old enough to remember most of the long gone places. In a former life I used to go to Las Vegas at least 4-6 times a year. Now I only get there maybe every 6 years. Travel Bliss Dear...

Laurie said...

Wow! Just wow! Neat signs!