Tuesday, May 24, 2016


While the weather is still enjoyable in Las Vegas, I thought I'd share a whole week (that's right, an entire WEEK of posts - all photos were taken on two separate "walkabouts" with friends - one overcast day, one sunny and mild) of THE newly renovated "hot spot" in town, and some of the fun things it has to offer for those who might think that Vegas is strictly casinos (or for those of you who live here, and are usually holed up inside due to oppressive temps).

Fremont Street East used to be the "wrong side of the tracks" - you NEVER went further than the main area of the noisy downtown casinos...those were "seedy" enough, but you NEVER ventured past them.  All that has changed over the last five years or so.  More about the entire area this week, but today we're just feelin' the love.
Sitting on the corner of Fremont and Seventh, in front of the Downtown Container Park, is the "Love Locket".  Erected by artist Nova May, in 2013, as part of the Life is Beautiful Festival art installations - a bare metal piece that has gathered lock upon lock/remembrance upon remembrance over the few years it's been in existence - filling both sides entirely.
January of this year found the sculpture vandalized, with one entire side being removed one night.  Down but not out, the side was replaced and a fundraiser to fill the new side was held in February, with proceeds from one hundred $10.00 locks sold, being donated to the American Heart Association.
Got a lock and a sentimental/personal reason of your own?  This is your place!  Try not to wait too long, because hanging metal locks on a metal sculpture, covered with MORE metal, in the middle of 120 degree heat can be quite tricky - do it now, while the weather is pleasant.
And there's SO much more to this area to love and explore.  Back tomorrow with what sets BEHIND this lock - might just be my favorite thing in Vegas, at the moment!  Happy Tuesday.


Laurie said...

Enjoyed your walk-about, Tanya.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Love it! Shame on the vandals. So happy to hear about the revitalization of the area. There should be no seedy parts. Perhaps if everyone cared about maintaining all corners of their town, people would rise up and create stronger communities.