Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good Day For a Nap!

Well, I muddled through the first post with lots of help, but think I might be able to manage the second one on my own (Jackie D. is indisposed at a Scrapbookin' Affair this weekend and probably thankful for that fact, as I can't call her...I can only hope there is not too much drinking and cutting going on), so here goes...

Been working on the "stuff" for the new Etsy shop and think it might actually be open by Monday or Tuesday, latest.  Sewing up some travel jewelry rolls this weekend, utlizing some of my precious, vintage barkcloths, but might just have to work that nap in, later this afternoon...the dog is tempting me.  Jody (starspangledpretties) got herself a new chihuahua puppy to go along with her Mastiff...the one up there is ours - Voltron! (yes, with an exclamation point).  He is the 9lb. companion to our 75 lb. Golden.  Looks like he is smiling...he is really just yawning and working his evil magic on me to get me to lay down on the couch with him.

Picture of the tintype necklace my daughter, Jaci, had on today...I made this one for her a few weeks ago.  These pieces are actual tintypes, from my collection, that have been hand beaded around - have a few ready to go into the store, along with some other treasures.  She chose the colors on this one, and the girl, because she looked like she had an "attitude"...actually, the people in these old photos always looked so stoic because the development took so long, they were told not to smile.  Me, I'm smiling all the way to that couch downstairs, next.  Come on, Voltron!


The Primitive Bucket said...

So pretty and I'm lucky to have one. I'll have to post a picture on my blog to show off!!! Good job on the second post!!

Jackie said...

Dang, you did not call me to help you with this post, you are learning fast little grasshopper!! I love Voltron! with an exclamation point...He is adorable! Jaci's necklace is awesome! She is one lucky girl to have a talented mom like you! Great job!