Monday, September 6, 2010


And the hits just keep on keeping with my recent trend of revisiting groups from summers past (lonnnnnng past), "the girls plus one" got the chance to take in The Doobie Brothers last evening.  With Jackie, Colleen, and Colleen's charming husband, Greg, joining our entourage, we headed to The Hilton for a round of drinks, chitter chatter (poor Greg), and more great music of my youth.
This was pretty much "the look" in May of 1979, when I saw them at an all day concert at CU Boulder's Folsom Field, with Poco and Boston (and probably at least one other band I, sadly, can't recall now).  These "events" ran from noon (or 10 a.m., depending on the amount of bands involved), into the evening hours - each band performing an entire standard concert length before the next came on.  Tickets for these concerts (there was usually 4 bands, and they were ALL "name" bands on the same bill), ran us $15.00...the cost of a drink and a half, at our concerts now.
From CU's online archives, this is a shot from that very same concert (or at least they are claiming it is, but it's pretty much how I remember it, in any event)...held in the football stadium on campus - I think the amenities at The Hilton probably suit me better now (padded chairs and clean bathrooms are our friend).  Those were some great concerts, though...sunshine and music - what a fabulous way to spend a Saturday.
The Doobies of 2010 still have "the hair", though it's a little bit grayer (aren't we all!) Michael McDonald, but the sound is just a rockin' as ever...pretty much as I remember it from 1979 - they played their hearts out!  It was, indeed, a great jam session, Greg!

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Jackie said...

I was blown away at how good they were, loved the guitar playing! Gee i wish I could have been born way back then so I could have enjoyed those concerts too! hahahaha!