Friday, October 1, 2010


Yes, I've been gone for awhile, playing "catch-up"...mostly spinning my wheels, actually.  The absence, this time, was an "in town" event, but what fun was had!  Each year, my Dad and brother spend a week "bonding" and doing manly/outdoor survival things (OK, hunting) in CO, and my Mom gets to come to Vegas to play.  This year was a whirlwind of playing/shopping and shows with two of the most favorite people in my life...
Starting the evening before Mom arrived, my daughter and I were lucky enough to get tickets to see CHER, before she leaves Vegas next month (I know! - TWICE in my lifetime - twice in ONE summer).
Jaci didn't get to see her the first time around, so she was thrilled that she got the chance before she's gone - FABULOUS show...more like a Broadway production instead of a one person show, really...there's a reason that she only needs ONE name, and you and I need two!
First night Mom hit town, we painted it BLUE MAN GROUP, at the Venetian Hotel/Casino - ALWAYS a mesmerizing show!  The next night I "drug" her back with me to see Robin Zander...CHEAP TRICK/SGT. PEPPER LIVE at Paris Hotel/Casino, before they left The Strip, also.  I don't need to tell you how much I enjoyed Robin Zander that show, as I'd seen it twice before, and could have probably sat through it another three!  Sadly, it has closed, but not in my heart, where Robin Zander lives.
Third night was a "down night", where we just sat around and thought of Robin Zander.  Fourth night found us at an Elvis show - what's Vegas without channeling The King?!  Elvis acts are plentiful in Sin City...Pete Wilcox/THE KING LIVES at Hooters Hotel/Casino (yes, I took my Mom to a Hooters!  It's a newer casino, utilizing a refurbished hotel/casino directly across the street from The MGM) sang his heart out in tribute to Elvis.
The next night we had to stay home so that we could regroup our Robin Zander thoughts, but Tues. found us downtown at the Golden Nugget for GORDIE BROWNGREAT show!  Comedy - Music - Impressions - Live (it came from the front of the ticket).  I would recommend this show to ANYONE coming through town - OK, I'll say it...better than the late Danny Gans!  And he's darling - I probably didn't have as many Robin Zander thoughts that know, it's the whole "Rock Star" idea, and sadly, I am probably past my prime now, anyway!  Heavy sigh!
Wed. night (are you still with me...we were starting to get a wee bit tired by this point) we were back at The Golden Nugget, where we were treated not only to COUNTRY SUPERSTARS TRIBUTE, but we got the chance to catch two performances on the overhead MEGA screen on Fremont Street - definitely worth a trip downtown for those that haven't been for years.  It's a whole different side of Vegas and so much "cleaner" than it used to be!
Thursday night we caught up with the Wednesday Night Girls Night Out gang (at least Colleen and Jackie), for GREG LONDON'S ICONS show at the Riviera Hotel and Casino...another impersonation act - another wonderful show.  We had drinks with him afterwards (well, he was IN the lounge with us, but did actually drop by the table and thank us for coming).  Six shows for my Mom and me by this point, and not a bad one in the bunch...
We saved the best for last.  On her last night in town, we splurged and bought tickets to see Cirque du Soleil's Beatles tribute, LOVE, at The Mirage.  I don't think there has ever been a bad Cirque show, and this one featuring the always incredible Cirque performers, coupled with fabulous costuming and sets AND the music of The Beatles was no exception!  BREATHTAKING - GO, if you get the chance...Section 201, Row P, Seats 15 and 16 - best seats in the house!
Sadly, the trip DID have to come to an end (there are only so many TV dinners my Dad could eat).  We put a very tired (did I mention the daily shopping trips, too?) Barb on a plane to Denver the next evening.  I had the BEST time with her this year (as I really do every year), and yes, we DID gamble (though not very well, I might add), even though I neglected to mention that above.  Seven shows in nine nights might just be a record, definitely was for us!  Counting the days until next hunting season, Mom...thanks for sending her, Dad!
And, I leave you with Vegas showgirls...after placing Mom at the airport, my Jaci and I took in one final show for the week, ourselves (my husband and son were out of town on a motorcycle trip at this point, so we had lots of "girl time" to fill) to JUBILEE! at Bally's Hotel/Casino, presented themselves to us for a Saturday night show.  Truly one of the few remaining (if not the ONLY one anymore) showgirl extravaganzas left in Vegas...this is quite the show to see (and we got a birdseye view, as we were moved up front to one of the extra special VIP tables before the show started) if you've never had the chance.  BEAUTIFUL costumes and sets make for a memorable "old Vegas" evening - you've never seen so many feathers, rhinestones and crystals in one place!

It has taken a few weeks to catch back up on real life (final tally was 9 shows in 11 nights for me), but I think I might be back in the swing of regular, every day things again, sadly.  I even made a few pieces last week, but that's for another post.  Happy Friday, if you've made it this far through the reading - have a wonderful weekend.


oldgreymare said...

Whew! I'm exhausted reading about it. I could not possible have managed that much in 11 days even when I arrived in Vegas in my prime...

Kudos to your stamina. All those lights and vertigo or migraines?

can you hear me Tanya? CAN YOU HEAR ME? hehe



so when are we ever going to do lunch?

Jackie said...

What a fun time you had! I am glad I got to be a little part of it! Your mom is so fun and full of Life!! You are so lucky Tanya! I hope I can be a part of your whirlwind vacation next year!

The Primitive Bucket said...

You make me tired.....You failed to mention your Birthday occurred somewhere along the way... I know you want to forget them, who doesn't...OH YEAH!! tee hee.. anyway... glad you had such fun with your mom and Jaci!! Nothing better than mom time!!
Love you girl!!

Colleen said...

After the first two, I would have said "No more" - that's a lot to do in that amount of time! Glad you had such a great time!

Ahl Cooped Up said...

That is alot to do!!
It's so nice you can have that much fun with your beautiful Mother, and Jaci.
I love seeing the photos.