Friday, October 15, 2010


Suzan, at Old Grey Mare, is doing a once-a-month, bit on recycling ideas and I wanted to play along last week, but had nothing.  While this doesn't exactly fit the grand ideas she is trying to instill, and should certainly NEVER be tried at home, I did want to share the extended life and, sadly, the demise of one of my favorite appliances.  My 4-year old hairdryer finally bit the dust.  It actually was on its way out 4 years ago, but I have just been prolonging the inevitable.  And, it didn't technically "die", in that it was still working very well, but the fact that I finally got shocked several times over while holding it in my hand this morning, told me it was time to put it out of it's misery.
This started as a joke around here - I have been accused of filtering through hairdryers and irons like they are going out of style - not true, but "someone" in my house thinks it to be so.  My iron is now going on 2 (TWO)!  This hairdryer was only about 6 months old when it started having "issues".  Not that I can't afford to go purchase a new hairdryer, it was simply a matter of principle at that point, and it was "pointed" at my husband.  Besides, this really WAS a great hairdryer - it still, up until I dropped it in the trash this morning, put out one hell of a jet of heated air.
The automatic sensor button on the back, that keeps it running as long as your hand was on it, was the first thing to go - what ever happened to just good old off/on switches?  I put up with it turning itself off, and moving the switch back in place, for at least a year.  The plastic around the controls had broken off over time, also.
The entire body part started wobbling next - and then it just totally dislodged from the handle - and it was still working!  It was time for drastic, life saving measures.  I took it to the garage and was told, while eyes were a rollin', to "just go buy a new one, would you?!"  "No", I insisted, "this still works just fine, thank you!"  Hubby pulled out a stash of electrical tape and let me go to town.  I chose from one of several colors, taped it back in place, and even added a piece to the switch, so that it would think my hand was on it all the time when it was running, and not shut off.
That was over a year ago.  Then it started spitting fire - in the form of sparks - like a dragon!  Luckily my hair never caught fire, but logic held that I was drying wet hair, so I felt safe enough.  Mysteriously, about 9 months ago, a sticker appeared on the barrel, from one of my husband's job sites.  Yeah, he's a real cut up, he is!  It still did not deter me in my quest to see just how much life was left in this thing, and to make him recant his words regarding my "reckless appliance ways".
This morning, as I started to dry my hair, I felt a small jolt/buzz in my palm.  Thinking it was odd, but not thinking much more, I continued, only to have it do it to me three more which time I convinced myself to unplug it, fast!  If I had actually dried my hand off all the way, after running it through my wet hair, it probably wouldn't have happened, so technically, it's probably my fault as I didn't heed the "Safety First" sticker.  It was just time to throw in the towel and make a new purchase.  Four years on a $15.00 investment - not a bad return, I would say! 


Ahl Cooped Up said...

I think you squeezed the good out of that hairdryer!! If you're anything like me, you've probably already went out and bought the replacement. I can't go a day w/out mine!

oldgreymare said...


You're a nut! Mine became old sparky and spit out sparks and smoke but I unplugged and tossed as soon as the smoke cleared.I did not try to resuscitate. Had a gift certificate to Sears of all places. Bought a new beauty similar to yours. Came home. DIdn't work at all. Went back exchanged it for same model( the jaguar of dryers), plugged it in. Zip!
Returned it and bought shoes. Currently I am drying my hair in front of oscillating fan. I should have borrowed tape from you and kept old sparky alive.


Jackie said...

You are lucky you are still alive! Knucklehead!
You could have died by not paying the price of a new dryer! I hope you learned your lesson missy!
Glad you did not by another vidal 70's is that??

The Primitive Bucket said...

Hey can I borrow that hair dryer!!!???? Sounds like you got your moneys worth and then some out of it GF!!!! Glad your okay!! How's the hair look!!??? tee hee...
I dropped a curling iron in the toilet once, and NO drinking was not involved, just a very tiny bathroom, I didn't give it a chance, it went straight in the trash after I fished it out of there!!
Thanks for the smiles this I need to go stuff something!!! LOVE YOU!!

Pat K said...

You should have consulted my husband. He's had his hair dryer since the late 70's. Main difference in his repair is that he used blue duct tape. He says they just don't make the new ones with the same power--power means heavy!

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

You are too funny! I half expected to hear you recycled it into art you were so against throwing it out. I have to look the other way as I place it the garbage. It hurts to watch!

Hope the hair is looking good these days!