Friday, October 8, 2010


Happy October...already!
What started as a very pretty pattern, struck my "quirky" side as spooky webbing and, with a few "tweaks" to the original design (like trading the beautiful brown carnelian agate I had originally chosen for a hematite donut, and scrapping those "icky", sweet pink beads and flowers for black and spiders), it has turned into a pretty appropriate adornment for the month of October.
Antique buttons, front and back center of the donut...blood red Swarovski crystals and spiders with sparkling crystals embedded in their backs - this one, indeed, is screaming "ME"!  I DO love Halloween.
Ahhhh...can you see the mistake?  "Look, look with your special eyes!"  I just saw it (damn large computer screen), and I am AGHAST (thankfully it is on the back)!  That will NEVER do, though I think it is actually a matter of a bead that has broken off.  Simple fix...and I WILL fix it before it is worn - it's just the way I am!  Happy Friday to find a black bead! 


Norine/Henderson, NV USA said...

Oooo, very cool and spooky...just like Halloween should be!

Ahl Cooped Up said...

Too cool Tanya! Even with the missing black bead.
You are quite the photographer too!
Thanks for posting Frosty.

oldgreymare said...

That looks like a pretty big fix..So no black magic marker touch up eh?

and they call ME OCD?