Saturday, November 6, 2010


...and "proof positive" that you should check your photos before you send the finished project off!  "Oh, the humanity!"  Oh, the bright sunlight glaring off that black fabric!...
...but, I did want to show what Jackie commissioned me to make for her this past week.  I had to chuckle while making these, thinking of a line from the movie "Troy", where Brad Pitt called Agamemnon a "sack of wine"....which, in turn, brought to mind the old leather Bota bags from the 70s.  It probably would have been a good idea to break myself out a glass at that point.  While I would never condone drinking and using scissors and/or paper cutters, she had seen a simple bag for toting wine to her weekend "paper soirees", and asked if I could make her something similar, but including room for a wine glass, and with pockets for essentials (i.e. wine opener, band aids, etc.).
Using an older, heavier, Alexander Henry (is there any other fabric out there - I think not!) home dec fabric with retro tattoo designs, a layer of cotton batting, and some funky prints for lining, these will now be heading to the next scrap booking event.  Scrap carefully, my friend - don't drink and cut!

 And, if you're into the whole recycled bag thing (yes, you should be); have some spare fabric; a little bit of time on your hands; and want to do your part in cutting down on plastic bags, run on over and check out Project Genesis at oldgreymareprimitives for a great tutorial on making your own shopping totes.  Susan has good photos and instructions. 


oldgreymare said...

Thanks for the mention dearie! :D

We still have not managed lunch...You would think we didn't enjoy noshing..yeah right.

Great hooch totes!

Have a wonderful weekend.



Jackie said...

Oh my god, you are too funny! Yes, the wine flows at those events, and we do get cutting and scrapping and sometimes hula dancing done as well!!
Thank you my very talented friend, I will cherish my wine bag for years!!

Julia said...

I lvoe these!