Monday, November 22, 2010


A dear group of eBay 'group' friends decided to do an "off eBay" swap this Christmas among 6 of us who chat regularly.  I have met two of the other five, and one of those has become a very close friend.  Someday, I might just meet the rest - until then, I do count them among my friends, and we have a lot of fun, via the USPS.  This year it was decided that we would do snowmen - anything goes...we did not have to limit ourselves to ornaments.
Starting with one of my favorite extreme primitive doll patterns by Sonja Sandell of Hickety Pickety, I found myself with a basketful of snow moms and babies - painted and distressed Warm and Natural quilt batting for the bodies.  We had a particularly windy day here a few weeks ago, and it was my good fortune (as I was panicking a little over lack of twigs) to go to the mall that day and be presented with a tree branch laying across the sidewalk.  After explaining to the security guard that I did NOT wrench it from the tree, but was simply just removing it from the sidewalk where it landed, I was greeted with a head shake, rolled eyes, and told, "Knock yourself out, lady".  It was so large it wouldn't fit in my trunk, but had to ride home straddling both the front seat and back.
Clothing was sewn and stained with coffee...I do label my jar of coffee stain that I keep in the back of the fridge, so the husband does not try to use it on meat.  Stained, scrunched, microwaved...all a part of the primitive doll make-up.
The whole cheerful, motley friend Jackie has informed me these are skeletons (yes, she got one, too), and not snow people - NO, they are snow people!  Because anyone can do pretty, and it's much more fun to color outside of the lines!
A total of eight were made; two to friends here in Vegas, and my daughter declared dibs on the pink one with the watch plaid bloomers!  These are all in the 20" range (I guess I took the 'no size limitation' rule on the swap literally).  Pinky here is, rather smugly, sitting atop her wrapped constituents, who will be heading to their new homes this week.
So, it's a start to the holidays - I am hoping to coerce my husband into dragging out the tree this week - I have a feeling it won't be a problem.  He was "punished" last year, for getting it out 'at his leisure', by my daughter and I not removing it for a few weeks past Christmas, to make up for time lost.  Just wanted to share the smiles with you today - hope your week is wonderful!


Ahl Cooped Up said...

I'm Excited!!! And in Awe.
They're a HOOT!!
Mine pales in comparasion.
I have the familiar "Coffee dye" in my
refridge too. It has "STAIN" written on the top. I have a spray bottle full of coffee stain in there too. It looks like a cleaner, so I know the family won't touch it!

Bead and Needle said...

I think NOT, my dear friend...I HAVE pieces of your work, and they are outstanding! Will have to try the spray bottle trick - too funny.

oldgreymare said...

It is wonderful to see your primitive work again! It has been far too long.
We met over pieces like this at Doodle. Side by side booths, oh so many years ago.
no more foolin' around next week LUNCH.

Happy gobble dear!


Hopewell Creek Designs said...

Thank you so much for stopping by today....please do so often I need all the help I can get. I too love primitive art, and think these are GREAT! I'm like your daughter I would have snatched the one in pink as well. What fun having all these gals to exchange gifts with,blogging can sure bring some wonderful people into our world.Though it may all be on a cyber level I am grateful to have met you!!
And there is a sweet and wonderful book to read on the topic of husbands and trimming the tree.The title is On Strike for Christmas by Sheila Roberts. I read it last year and it is funny and sweet and just the right little touch at Christmas.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

The Primitive Bucket said...

Oh you went 20" and mine is the other extreme!!! I can't wait to see mine!!! And yes I have a jar in the fridge that my hubby asks "What is this" and puts it back!! lol Or the bed springs I made him load up from behind the chicken coop!!!
It will be a fun box to open for sure!!! They can't get here soon enough!!

Colleen said...

I love these - they are just tooooooo cute!!

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

I love your Etsy shop(especially the tin type pendant)!! I shared it on my facebook page I hope that helps on this Cyber Monday!!-Rebecca

Susie@YLP said...

Ahhh they are fantabulous. I can't wait to see the expression on my dear Mother's face when she sees her. I only wish I could set up a hidden camera and catch it all on video. LOVE them!