Thursday, December 2, 2010


The Five Days of Christmas, a little early...
My last post was a preview of what I knew would be wonderful things to come, and come they did!  I have the 'craftiest' friends in my life - in fact, I don't think I have one that doesn't have talent oozing from her fingertips.  I showed you what I had made for our little swap among friends (we were given a theme of snowmen, with instructions of 'anything goes') - now I get to show what I got in return (two among us have to wait a day more for the post office, so I will start with something I know everyone has received already - sorry girls, but I was chomping at the bit to show these yesterday and had to give in to my urges today!).  My dear friend, Jackie, will be happy to see that these are what she refers to as 'nice' snowmen.
"Friendship Warms the Heart" certainly doesSuxie of YANKEE LANE PRIMITIVES (click on the link to go to her selling/happy place), sent a beautiful, large, Christmas card holder, made from a vintage quilt.  Suxie is actually Susie Hamill.  With a rather strong dislike of people who can't take the time to write out Christmas, but instead, opting for the shortened "X-Mas", Suxie took a stand a few years back and replaced the 's' in her signature, with an 'x'.  I had the pleasure of doing lunch with her and her Mom when they came through Vegas a few years back - I'm anxiously waiting for a return visit. 
With one of her printed labels (artwork downloads available in her store) serving as a pocket across the front, stuffed with handmade 'peppermint' sticks, cinnamon sticks, greenery, and a cotton 'marshmallow', it's pretty wonderful and will provide a warm home for incoming cards this CHRISTMAS!  Thank you, Susie (and your alter-ego, the ever lovable 'Woman of X'...when you come back out here, we might just have to take in the 'MEN of X' show - yes, it's what you are thinking it is!).


The Primitive Bucket said...

I got my goodies today too!!! OH what fun to open them up and see all the goodies from all my GF's.. The best ever!!!! Can't wait for next years swap.. I'll have to start hunting up a new pattern soon, Thanks for the pattern for this years BTW... you didn't know you were giving me the pattern for your own gift!! It that considered 'regifting'!??!! Hope not!!!
Love you Sis!!!

Ahl Cooped Up said...

Tanya, It was a pleasure to exchange Snowmen.
I, like Joleen, can't wait until next year. It was so much fun!
I want that pattern Joleen!!

Bead and Needle said...

That pattern came from a magazine (it was on the cover) I had laying around here for about 5 years (seriously - it was that old), and had never used before. I sent it to Joleen this year, thinking she could use it for her craft shows, and look what she did!

Susie@YLP said...

You girls really outdid yourselves, as usual.
Thanks so much for the shout out Tanya.. much appreciated.