Monday, December 13, 2010


Saturday found me at the first of the Christmas parties for 2010...surrounded by the jewelry gals who have become such fast and wonderful friends.  My 'Secret Santa' this year was our ever entertaining, colorful, and much loved, Colleen Myler...Sassy Chica, or just plain Myler, as she is affectionately known in our circles.  Wanted to share the beautiful necklace and earring set she made for me - and how lucky I am to be able to count her as a close friend.  Jewelry Secret Santa parties have one rule - the gift must be made by your own little hands - whether it be jewelry or some other double secret talent you possess.
A beautifully beaded rivoli, in my beloved colors, setting atop a large brass flower; strung on brass chain with handmade components using Swarovski crystals and copper colored "disco ball" rondelles - so warm - SO beautiful!  This may have been a hard one for Myler, as she leans more towards the bold and BRIGHT colors in her always beautiful work (this is a woman who usually has large Fuschia chunks in her hair, among the blonde streaks on red - yes, she loves her color!), so the fact that she stayed within this more sedate color scheme makes this one even more special to me...sometimes you just have to work outside that box! 
Beautiful disco ball earrings, with tiny little brass sunflowers, to match - how lucky am I?!  I know!!!
This is our Myler...sporting one of her own beautiful creations, and 'showcasing her pair' of cleverly packaged earrings/bracelet she received Saturday.  Myler is the spice in our bead soup, for sure (did I mention she has a precious one-eyed dog, a three legged cat, and probably the tiniest little ankles I have ever seen on a grown human)!  I LOVE my gifts, Colleen - YOU ROCK!  Here's hoping everyone is lucky in the 'friend department' this holiday season!  I know I am...thanks for the gifts, and the friendship, Chica!


oldgreymare said...

Love the final typical "VEGAS" ti--y shot!

Your gift is spectacular! Lucky lucky you. Though I know your creation must have been gorgeous also.


Jackie said...

Oh Myler is the Spice in our bead soup! Perfect! Love the necklace and earrings! So fall and so Tanya-ish!

Anonymous said...

You are way toooooooooo kind and complimentary! It was fun to get your name and figure out what to make and challenging and was able to do this with our other Chica's help ~ think of both of us when you wear it!

Wear it in good health and I do love you, my friend!

Sassy Chica!

The Primitive Bucket said...

So pretty...and the pair...what a hoot!!!! Lucky girls all of you!!!

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

You have great group of friends,and good friends are hard to find!