Friday, January 28, 2011


Dear Suzan Stoddard, of Old Grey Mare, very recently bestowed the following honor upon me...
...(ohahahahaha - let me gain my composure) along with the challenge to reveal 7 things about myself.  I thanked her graciously, and told her that it would be a few days, but that I would play along...look - I even have pictures!
1.  I am terrified of monkeys (all because of the stupid big, black, woolly spider monkey that hung in the trees above a neighborhood house as we walked to school when I was little…I just told my folks about it last year, which prompted them to give me a monkey Christmas ornament because they are SO funny!).  I also have a particular loathing of penguins (especially the giant ones, but the little ones are just as creepy), ever since that Batman movie – Come on! They have RED eyes, for heavens sake!

2.  A good horror movie (‘The Changeling’ with George C. Scott is a particular favorite) makes me swoon. I know - and I am afraid of monkeys and penguins?!!  My new obsession is the AMC series, ‘The Walking Dead’.  I don’t do the vampire stuff, but did watch something called ‘Daybreakers’ the other night – wicked AWESOME (everyone on Earth was a vampire), AND, I can sit through some of the absolute worst ‘B’ movies ever made – yes, it’s a gift!  Look up ‘Night of The Lepus’, if you don’t believe me - giant, mutated, man-eating, blood-thirsty rabbits.

3.  Not too fond of flying (and am afraid of heights) – would MUCH rather drive.

4.  I drive a standard shift car – have always driven a standard shift vehicle – if we ever have to get away from zombies and the only vehicle we can find is a standard shift, I will be getting us out of there!

5.  Taught line dancing in St. Louis in the early 90s. Wish I knew how to tap dance…just so I could tell people I can. Moving on…quickly...

6.  Never “dated” (big wink) a rock star, and am very sad about that because, at this point in my life, it is highly doubtful that I will ever get the chance now, either – Robin Zander happens to be the screen saver on my phone, from last year’s Cheap Trick concerts here in town.

7.  Bobby Flay hurts my heart, and that is SO far out of the realm of a rock star, isn’t it?! And, HE’S highly doubtful, as far as my future goes, also, but "I love that man of mine" (and, when you can quote the movie "Beetlejuice", you apparently love that, too)!  There you in a nutshell, and I was expecting to only come up with three!

Now, and according to the rules passed my way, this post links to 10 gals who do this for fun, and who some of you may not yet know (listed in no particular order, or level of importance...and I know there are many I've left off.  You are not loved any less - these are just the gals that keep up with blogging on a fairly regular basis).  Some are local friends and concert buddies; some are internet friends (one of whom I've met, and has become like a sister); a couple are brand new blog finds for me, and will probably not see this post, but I'm sending you to them, in any event.  I'm not forcing anyone to play - just sharin' the love and payin' it forward, if you will.  The rules are simple:  Receive the award; say thank you; grab the button up above; reveal 7 things about yourself; pass it on to 10 favorite, and stylish, bloggers!

Jackie at One Creative Cat
Rebecca, at Hopewell Creek Design
Colleen, at Bead Metaler
Rhonda, at It's a Kattywhompus Life

Don't forget to check out my necklace giveaway - link on my sidebar, on the top right, so you can't miss it.  All rules will be explained there, and believe me, there really are none.  Happy weekend - I'm hoping for a good, spooky movie on the tube....or a "Throwdown" with Bobby (heavy sigh), if nothing else ~ Tanya


***Icy BC said...

Congratulation on your award, and Bobby Flay, he is out of my league :-)

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

Well CONGRATULATIONS on receiving this award.AND OH MY GOODNESS You included me!
You like me, you really like me!!(Sally Field at the Oscars)ha ha!But really Thank You so much for including me in this award that was soooo wonderful of you,I was so surprised..and just tickled to death!!!
So I will post this on my blog and pass this great moment forward,thank you Tanya =)

oldgreymare said...

OMG saw the Lepus movie last fall at around 3 in the What a riot.

and you do mosaic pics!- you'll have to teach me that of those things I have been meaning to learn : D

off to visit your chums


Carole said...

Thanks for stopping by the other day. It was great reading about your hairdresser I did survive it and am happy with it.
i too loved the walking dead and was so disappointed that I have to wait so long until it comes back on.
You made me laugh about the penguin thing. I sold some fake ones (of course)for xmas. People either loved them or hated them....who knew there was a phobia for them out

The Primitive Bucket said...

Okay...Thanks???? lol.. When you told me you linked me in your blog I had no idea it required work on my part!! I'll play along... I'll have to think of 7 things I can tell about my self!! lol.... I love you girl and Bobby would be lucky to "cook" for you!! But girlfriend... line dancing, really??? lol.. I would pay to see that!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed having you visit "theanneandbaron" and thank you for sharing the Stylish Award with Rebecca who passed it on to me and 9 others...sweet!

Kai said...

I appreciate (beyond BELIEF) the fact that you identified the Foxtail Fern for me! THANK YOU! And I love your blog! See? Nothing happens 'accidentally'! You visited Hopewell Creek Designs (isn't she a sweetheart?) and, as a result, visited ME, and now I'M visiting YOU, and I think your blog is awesome so I'll be visiting you ALL the time. Now THERE's something scarier than penguins OR monkeys! (Incidentally, I am also not fond of monkeys! People think that's funny because my favorite animal is the Silverbacked Mountain Gorilla! I tell them, "THEY ARE NOT MONKEYS! Goodness!) Okay! Enough of me! Aren't you sorry you commented on my blog? LOL!

Only Prettier said...

crazy funny! Thanks for sharing!

Bohemian said...

Congrats on the award and I enjoyed your 7 revelations... and for honoring me by passing it forward. I had very recently done this and it is a great way for all of us to get to know more about each other and um... get all the dirt *winks - LOL*...

Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian

Rachel Willow'z Design said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am still laughing about the monkeys and penguins haha. I am afraid of birds, not because of the movie haha but I am always afraid they are plotting to poop on me. It is ironic however that I have 5 chickens in which I love dearly.