Friday, March 4, 2011


Busy...too Busy to have posted recently, But seemingly doing not much of anything at the same time.  I gathered everything I had going this past week, and was amazed at how many B's there were to start the month of March off.  This is the Busiest Birthday month for and friends, alike...9, in all.  1) Happy Birthday (the BIG 5-0) to my Brother, Arvid, who is holding his first grandbaby, Brooke.  Here's to another 50!;  2) Me, my folks, and Arvid, when he was a Baby and looked like a sister  And, if anyone is doing the math about now, yes, I am older, But only By 7 months;  3) Birthday names on the calendar...a few can't be seen, but they are there, and;  4) I Baked you Birthday cookies tonight - I know it's not a cake, But I'm not sending them anyway!

1) I finished a commissioned, Brown and Black leopardskin fabric Bag this week, for a friend, with;  2) A silk, Bias-cut, handmade, flower Brooch with a Beautiful Black, vintage glass Button in the center - yummy colors and oh, so soft;  3) Mulled over more Black, antique Buttons and Buckles - put them Back in the Bucket;  4) Beaded with a friend.

Received two gifts this from myself, and one from my friend, Jackie.  1) Bought myself a Butterscotch Bakelite Bangle Bracelet, to go with my growing collection, paired with a Beautiful copper and Beveled glass Bauble (this was the "Jackie gift"), with the phrase "Believe in Yourself" on one side, along with four, tiny Bronze rhinestones;  2) The reverse side of the Bauble has a Beautiful crowned heart - lovely, and fit for a queen - thank you from the Bottom of my heart, Jackie;  3) BANGLES - lots and lots of Beautiful, Bright, lucite and rhinestone Bangles - earrings, too!  Went to the ASD trade show with Wendy and couldn't resist the temptation of color for summer, and;  4) a Boxwood Bead in the shape of a rhino...someone knows who it is for - act surprised when you get it, Barb.  I needed an extra picture!

1) A vintage, marcasite cross pendant/Brooch in the shape of a Bow, for a rosary in the planning stages for my daughter, and last But not least;  2) A vintage, rhinestone Bird Brooch (on an antique Bluebird Button card) - another thoughtful and Beloved gift from Jackie on a recent antiquing junket through town.  I slipped a small set of cut glass salt and pepper shakers, for her new kitchen, into her Bag...she did the same to me with the Beautiful Bird.  Boy, oh Boy!

Heading off to Bed - Best weekend wishes to all - kisses on your Birthday faces at tomorrow's party - Be happy - Be safe - Be and let Be - Be fabulous!


The Primitive Bucket said...

Wow that's a lot of B' have been busy!! Looks like you have some lucky birthday recipients and you have received some great goodies too!!
Great post sis.

Jackie said...

B is for a Beautiful post!
Happy Birthday Arvid! I will get to have my 50th in a few more years, I can wait though, for now you go party like it is 1961!!
I will wait.
I can't wait to see you wear your bangles and earrings T, you will look fabulous!

The Primitive Bucket said...

Aww yes I expect to see the butterscotch braclet,the baubles,bangles and the believe bevel and one of your beautiful bags on your Colorado trip!!! Bring on the Booze for that one!!! tee hee

Julia said...

Bravo on your B post! Lots of pretties!

Ronna said...

You are a busy bee! Enjoyed reading the b's....Too fun!!!

Colleen Mcgraw said...

You really know how to put my posts to Bloody shame! (in staying with your B theme). Can't wait to see these Beautiful treasures in person.

Tobi Britton* said...

Hey Tanya!
So nice to see you visiting me and the pixies even though we haven't posted in a LONG time! Love your B's.
You forgot beautiful cause that's what you are!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

Oh funny....I loved all the "B"s.I'm called Becky by my family...and I come from a family of "B"s.

Bob,Billie,Becky,Brent and Barry.Back then Mom would sign the Christmas cards to family and friends...from the 5B's or Love from the five B's.

It brought back memories of good times
Thanks =)