Monday, March 14, 2011


A HUGE thank you, and a tip of the sunglasses, to our "hostess with the mostest" this weekend...Jackie, for having a 46th birthday...and her husband Charles In Charge, for treating "The Girls" to a fabulous dinner at Claim Jumper.  And then, for treating us to an even fabulouser (yeah, made up!) evening at Green Valley Ranch Casino, with Huey Lewis and The News...the boys can STILL rock the house!  What a GREAT evening we had!
Jackie got some beautiful gifts - yes, she is apparently loved by ALL who know her.  Wanted to share the new bag I made her - the fabric was SO yummy - heavy, but soft, home dec chenille - quilt batted and free-motion quilted.  The last bag I made her survived an entire year of wear, and I'm hoping this one does, too.
Detailing included the quilting, and this huge, crochet covered antique coat button.  Happy Birthday, dear's to another 46, and here's to me being around to see it!  Thanks for everything, Charlie - had the most FABULOUSO time!  You ROCK!


The Primitive Bucket said...

FABULOUSO!!!!! for sure and oh what a night it sounds like you had!!! I swear I'm running away some day and you'd better be ready!!! lol

Love love love the bag...Jackie when I do show up you'd better have that bag nailed to your shoulder or it will be gone!! What a lucky gal you are!!! To get both kidding Tanya!! Love you girl...and can't wait to see your next beautiful project!!

Colleen Mcgraw said...

Wow, that is one pretty bag you made our friend. What a fun night we had and how lucky we are to have Jackie as our friend.

Ahl Cooped Up said...

All that fun, and she's only 46? Geesh!
I want to go to Jackie's 50th!!!!
Joleen, and I will be there! LOL..
Great bag Tanya! It should last forever. It's so beautiful.

Jackie said...

I am only going to use it for special occasions, I love my peace sign bag so much, oh the dilemma!! Thank you Tanya for spoiling me rotten, you are so damn talented! I am so lucky to call you friend! I can't wait for my 50th! You and all your friends will be invited!!

Jillayne said...

Beautiful bag - love it! The colours are wonderful and you can see the weight of it - nice and sturdy.
Sounds like you guys had a blast - what fun!