Monday, May 2, 2011


My Star Jasmine is in bloom, and in-credible this year.  Providing a beautiful, fragrant, though "busy" backdrop for a new project, made in conjunction with a friend...I couldn't resist.  Carole Sidlow, owner of The Ribbon Store (link will take you to the eBay store, but she has an actual storefront in Las Vegas), handed over a vintage, heavily beaded top, with the instructions to "make an evening bag".  She had been working on a few of her own and, as it is ALL handwork due to the beads, pearls and sequins, she happily passed a few off when I offered my services recently.  Quite the creative visionary, is addition to running a FABULOUS store stocked with some of the most incredible ribbons, millinery, lace and occasional fabric pieces, you have ever seen - vintage and new, alike.  It's my favorite place to spend a couple of hours, oohing and aahing, even after all the time I've known her.

And, she has my favorite business card of all's big (postcard size) and it's vintage beautiful - surrounded here by ribbonwork creations from Carole's own hands (actually, the pansy is mine).
Her actual store screams color and eye candy at every turn.  Click on the collage to enlarge...some of the shots are a little washed out, due to lighting, but it's a feast for the eyes, upon entering this ribbon wonderland!  What girl could resist beautiful, soft ribbons?

For those local to Vegas, call Carole before you go (phone number listed on the business card above).  Her shop is housed in a wonderful 6-car (converted) garage, located on her charming property...wisteria on the Vegas!  The Ribbon Store can be found on eBay (link above); by email; or by phone.  Believe me, if she doesn't have it, you really don't need it (but rest assured, she can always get her hands on just about anything).  The beautiful ribboned and feathered pincushions are Carole's newest creations.  An incredible talent; one of the nicest ladies I know; and a true friend.


oldgreymare said...

hey remember the conversation we had last YEAR about me going?
where does the time go?


Colleen said...

Love the purse and all of the little things!!!!

Jackie said...

Wow, that is one blinged up bag! I never know what to do with ribbon, guess I won't be visiting that place!

By the Bluegrass said...

I know I would love that store! The purse is lovely!

The Primitive Bucket said...

Ohhhh Awwww....nuf said...<3

Mandy said...

I was needed some ribbon the other day and was wishing so bad I could just hope on over to Carole's wonderful shop! I just might have to make a speical trip to Vegas to take one of your classes and make a visit to Carole and Karen to get my ribbon and button fix!!!

Dorthe said...

You made the most wonderful bag, from that top- wow- what a work, with all that embroidery.And I can see that place is a wonderland. filled with beauty---love the flowers, and the feather pincussion.