Friday, May 20, 2011


Yesterday, in my rush to get nothing done, I neglected to remember I have a blog...a blog on which I should have posted that it was my wonderful, beloved Dad's birthday - HIS day...ALL day - what kind of daughter am I?!!!  Oh, the humanity!

Arvid Carl Anderson, a Swede, through and through (actually Swedish and Irish) - from toddler; through the car phase (before he met Barb, and she had other devious plans for him); through children (he actually took the studio quality photo of my brother and me...he truly can do anything); through grandkids (the last two photos are of him and my daughter hamming it up for the camera, in the basement and on the back porch of their home, a few years back).  He's been the best dad and grandpa EVER - handsome, too; he loves his wife; loves his Indians; loves his yard and garden, that rivals any park in town; loves to learn; loves to laugh (the wickedest, quickest wit in the west); loves life in general...and we all love him back, probably more than he could ever fathom!
He seems to love animals, too - probably why he kept posing with these bronze ones last year, on vacation...either that or too many margaritas (yeah, he loves those, too)!  AND he's incredibly talented (I do credit my folks for my creativity and love of all the arts) I said, there isn't anything he can't do, at least in his little girl's eyes.  HE CARVED THESE BIRDS!  They sit on my mantle, and are SO beautiful - my Red-Tailed hawk, and my Meadow Lark baby.  HE CARVED THESE BIRDS - everything on them, including the feet...and the Meadow Lark's tongue!
I love them; I LOVE HIM!  I'm kicking myself this morning that this didn't get posted yesterday, but I did call him several times (and then his gift didn't show up in the mail, either).  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD - "I love you more!"  Tony


oldgreymare said...

How sweet. He loves you back beyond words I'm sure.


Jackie said...

Happy birthday Dad! If I had a dad as great as you I would not have forgot to post on your special DAY!! hee-hee!
I hope Tiger makes up for it on Father's Day!!
We call her Tiger, an animal, so she fits in with your animal loving instincts!

Dorthe said...

A wonderful post for a wonderful father- I`m sure he is happy for your loving words,even they arrived the day after his birthday- he seems to be a very clever and lovely dad.
Congratulations with him-

The Primitive Bucket said...

Aww what a nice post for your dad... he sounds like a wonderful man and lots of fun!! Happy Birthday Dad Anderson!!!

Ronna said...

Such a nice blog post for your dad. He sounds like a great pa and grandpa. You are a lucky daughter! Happy birthday Dad Anderson!

R. Neafus said...

The truth is life gets in the way of many activites and especially blogging...and that's a good thing actually.You did what was best,you called and talked to him several times,I bet like most Dad's he's crazy proud of you.
It was a sweet post,I especially loved the last photo of him in the cowboy hat!I hope he had a great birthday!!