Tuesday, January 1, 2013

RINGING IN THE NEW YEAR...Christmas Eve 2012 at the Bellagio Atrium

Happy 2013!  We weathered the Mayan prediction and made it to the new year ~ some a little worse for the wear, with sinus infections and the sort, this holiday season...but we're here, and that's all that's important!  Wanted to share some of my favorite things from Christmas week, past.
FAMILY - my MOST favorite...Son Louie; Mom Barb; Dad Arvid; and Daughter Jaclyn...Christmas 2012 was one of the most wonderful in years.  Husband and I avoided the camera this year, due to the bags under the eyes, but the rest of 'em looked FABULOUS, and it was such a treat to have my parents with us to celebrate the holiday this year! 
Mom's recovering from rotator cuff surgery...Dad is doing her hair, and I must say, he's pretty darn GOOD!  Thank you for bringing yourselves to us for Christmas ~ it was the gift I loved most!
Christmas Eve evening, after a large pasta dinner, found my husband sleeping off his cold, my kids gone their separate ways, and me with a wild idea to drag my parents to the Bellagio Atrium..."Come on", I told them..."There'll be no one there!"  Yep, I actually THOUGHT that! 
As usual, the Atrium was absolutely stunning.  For those that don't live here, but may venture through, this is one of the most beautiful attractions in town, and is completely free to the public - breathtaking with each and every change of the interior.  The outside of the casino/hotel boasts the beautiful fountains that are choreographed to music, every 15 minutes during the evening.
This year's display included a massive tree, larger than life toy soldiers, beds of live poinsettias...
chocolate cottages around the base of a Trojan Horse sized rocking horse, glittering stars hung from the ceiling...
and the bears!  Beautiful white polar bears covered in thousands of fluffy white chrysanthemums.  All things floral on display in the Atrium are, indeed, real...from the massive tree, to the petals covering the bears.
Next change for the Atrium will be Chinese New Year at the beginning of February ~ The Year of the Snake.
My kids (I did a bit of cropping of fingers in this one); my pups, Joe and Voltron! - one loves the cool tile (and his new baby), the other is the epitome of "lap dog" (or "butt dog", however the circumstance presents itself for a chance to lay on someone), and that beautiful Christmas Cactus I purchased a few weeks back...I think my Grandma would be so proud, though it pales in comparison to the one she kept for years.
One parting shot of family...my Grandpa spent Christmas with us, perched in the tree.  I have one of his fishing creels, identical to the one he is wearing in the photo (which my Mom has), hanging in the guest room.  Mom was just recently gifted with this photo, and passed along a copy to me (it will hang next to the creel, now).
As we march on into this new year, no resolutions really - just a hope to be a better person, and a plan for more quality family time...I've never been one to wax poetic here on the blog (but keep it bottled deep), so that's about it.  A hope for a saner world, perhaps...DEFINITELY, in fact!
I've a few "sights" left over from last year that could possibly inspire one or two of you to travel in the year ahead - that's coming up. I hope to include a few more "teaching" posts here, in an effort to share the creativity - that's coming up, too.  Love to you and yours...and especially ALL of mine...in 2013!  XOXOXO
"Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes; Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes; Silver white winters that melt into springs ~ These are a few of my favorite things"...


vicki said...

Tanya- such a beautiful post-- beautiful atrium-- and beautiful precious family.

I'm sending all my love and best wishes to you as we enter this bright new year-- may you be blessed.

You are the true essence of generosity in your gifts to the Pink Scarf Project-- you have shared so much love-- thank you. I'm gearing up for a huge beautiful post dedicated to the scarves-- so many photos to share. If your latest creations make it to my house soon- I'll include them. If not- they will be in the very next post.

I truly love you--

Sea Witch said...

Lovely post. There is nothing like family. Wishing you all the best this 2013.

Jackie said...

Beautiful Family! Your mom's hair does look fabulous! Louie and Arvid should open a salon together!! Maybe I can go with you to see the snake display?
Happy New Year my friend!

Ahl Cooped Up said...

Beautiful photos Tanya!
Happy new year to you and your family. I much prefer the Christmas display to Snakes. Yikes...

Mary said...

Happy New Year, Tanya! I love the photos and your family is beautiful! My one resolution is to get to LV to spend time with you and Jackie! (PS - I opened my blog up again! Thanks for the support!)

Carole said...

Over the top displays like only Vegas can do. We just got back today from visiting the Mansions in Newport. It was the last day of the holiday tours and I didn't want to miss it one more year. It probably doesn't compare to the ones you have there but it was lovely. I was sneaky and took photos when I could with my iphone. They don't allow photos. I may do a post later.
You have such a wonderful close family....you are so lucky,

Happy New Years Tanya

Dorthe said...

Hello dear Tanya,

Thankyou for your friendship and beautiful posts in 2012,- I love to "travel" with you, and wish you many gorgeous experiences with your husbond and parents this year,too!
Also wish you happiness and great health, my dear.
I truly will look forward to your teaching posts Tanya-and totally agree with you in the SANER WORLD wish!!!
Hugs from Dorthe

Theresa said...

Merry Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Tanya! How nice to be able to spend it with your parents, I bet you had a fabulous time with everyone! I can't believe that those bears were flowers... amazing! It must look spectacular in person. Have a fantastic 2013~ love, t.xoxoox

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures at the Bellagio 'cause I've never been there before at Christmas time!

I'm so glad you had a fantastic Christmas with your parents being here - the Holidays are all about Family!

Did Louie do your mom's hair while she was here to give your dad a break? I wouldn't let Dick do my hair after rotator-cuff surgery, I wore a hat- I wouldn't subject myself to that!

Loved the blog and all of the pictures!

Happy New Year, my friend!

Colleen Myler

Anonymous said...

I love your sentiments! Thank you for sharing your positive energy and love for family with us!! Your creativity is inspiring and your words are always genuine!
thinking of you,

Createology said...

How very special your holidays were with family and pets all together. Your family is lovely. The Bellagio is always such a wonder of artistic elegance in that Atrium. Thank you for sharing the photos for those of us too far to visit in person. May your new year be a healthy and creatively blissful year dear. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Jenny said...

THOSE BEARS! So beautiful! I loved this post! I got your lovely Christmas card and am working on a letter to you!!! :)

Melanie Schofield said...

Your blog just makes me smile. My New Year resolution is to visit it more often. I always learn something new about my dear friend. xoxo

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

You have a beaytiful family! Such young looking parents...and your dad may have a talent in hair he wasn't aware of! Beautiful photos from Christmas Eve, love to see it all in person someday....maybe someday=)