Saturday, May 11, 2013


To my Mother, Barb...Mom, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Wife (these two are QUITE the team!), Best Friend to more than she realizes - Happy Mother's Day!
To MY Grandmothers, Hazel and Catherine, without whom my wonderful parents wouldn't be here - Happy Mother's Day!  (UPPER photos of my Mom, little "Bobbie Jean"; her parents, Hazel and Herschel; and big sister, Violet - and Peggy...Mom's the little blond - there were quite a few years between her and her sister. LOWER photos of my Dad, Arvid; his Mom and Dad, Catherine and Carl; and his big brother, Robert)
I've spent a lot of time recently, going through old family albums and cataloguing, which afforded me some pretty great Mom memories...evidently I seem to have not enjoyed the picture taking so much.  Sorry I ruined so many childhood photos, Mom - at least it was just a stoic face at times, and not "another's" bad attitude - not sure, but she may have been trying to steal your purse!  For all the love you've dished out, and for never wavering in your family convictions - Happy Mother's Day!  You ROCKED ROCK, now...
Especially those "killer", cat-eye glasses!  Me-OW!  Always the style maven - forever a Chico's girl...Happy Mother's Day!
For all the goofy s*%t she's put up with over the years, including posing for ridiculous photos as Annie Oakley, and with Buffalo Bill cutouts this Spring (more to come), because she's so cute and ALWAYS such a good sport - Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
And, because she's the kind of mother (and just general, all-around wonderful person) that she is, each and every year on Mother's Day, I get a gift from HER - like I'm her Mom or something?!  Or, just because she loves me.  I just opened these up - hand-embroidered dish towels, in a pattern I remember as a kid (and they smell like her - don't you just love those smells you associate with home?!).  Too beautiful to use in a household where dirty hands are plenty, and wanton disregard for special things runs rampant, I may have to hold onto these for after the kids are gone from the house, and then ban the husband from touching them, because he's the biggest dirty-handed kid of all.  I love these with all my heart...
I love YOU with all my heart - more and more with each passing year!  I could have NEVER asked for a more perfect Mom than the one I was dealt in this game of life -


Jackie said...

You know you always call me "lucky" but I would rather have a mom like you have, than all the bingos in the world, she is so beautiful and funny and nice!!
You my friend are the "Lucky one".
Happy Mom's day!!

Ahl Cooped Up said...

You have a beautiful Mother. It's so nice that you get a gift from her. Mine did the same for me, and I do that for my daughter.
Love the towels. I would keep them away from dirty hands too.
Happy Mothers day Tanya!

Vicki Boster said...

Tanya --'Your Mother is so beautiful (you look just like her!)

What a beautiful and wonderful tribute -- you are so very lucky to be able to celebrate this special day for her.

Her towels are amazing -- what a gift of true heartfelt love --I think you are so blessed my friend.

(working on the Pink Scarf post - just loaded in the photo of your scarves -- OMG!!)


ps -- posting us on facebook soon! (me you and Jackie!)

My Garden Diaries said...

Happy Mother's Day Friend!!! Your mom is stunning! And those family shots are classic!!! I so enjoy looking at old pictures...they tell such a story!!! I can not believe your mom made you those beautiful dish towels...they are awesome awesome!!! You have one outstanding mama!!!

oldgreymare said...

Very sweet <3 Lucky you is right

Hindustanka said...

Your Mother is very beautiful - and you resemble her features so much!Oh yes, our mothers make our coming home so special each time... so I "look forward to". God bless your mother with health and great happy days ahead!
I do like looking through old photos- we have plenty of them, I need to scan or photograph them next time I go home :)
Have a lovely day, Tanya!

Hannapat said...

What a very beautiful and special post to cherish for life. Your mom sounds wonderful and the little embroidered dishcloths are just to die for, so very gorgeous. I am sure she would rather you use them than Packing them away. You sound like a wonderful mommy to so a very happy Mother's Day to you. xoxo

Hannapat said...

What a very special and memorable post, something your mom can cherish for life. I love the beautiful gift she made you, how very lovely of her. You can always frame one in an embroidery ring or something so you can see it daily, as it would be a shame to pack away. Wishing you a very lovely Mothers Day. Hannapat xo

Dorthe said...

Dearest Tanya,
such wonderful photoes from dayes gone by- of your loving family! beautiful treasures to keep for alwayes, just like the dish towels you recieve from your dear mother..
and I can relate to both (grand)kids, and husbond , when talking about -dirty-handed loved ones :-)
Sending you hugs, and hope your day is wonderful!!
Hugs ,Dorthe

knitalatte said...

Happy Mothers Day to you. What a beautiful post and tribute to your lovely mother. I just adore the portrait of her in her 'cat eye' glasses, what a cool gal! I just love going thru old photographs of family and remembering the good times depicted in each scene.
Enjoy this special day!

111 LaLa Lane said...

Your mom is beautiful. Very nice post. You're a lucky girl.

DearHelenHartman said...

How did I Miss this - the photos are AWESOME! Lovely post to your mom.

Elisabeth said...

I love this post Tanya, those photos are beautiful <3 Your mom is a beautiful lady and those glasses are awesome! xx

Cindy said...

Now I see where you get your beauty! Your gorgeous Mom! A nice tribute for a nice mom!

Createology said...

Beautiful Mom and tribute. I can see she clearly raised a wonderful daughter in you Tanya Dear.
I like to give my daughter a gift on Mother's Day because without her I wouldn't be a mother. Happy Hearts...

Dagmar said...

Hi Tanya, what a wonderful tribute to your mom and I totally agree, the smell of those tea towels must of transported you back to your childhood! ❤