Saturday, July 10, 2010


It kept growing and growing...from a simple three-crystal project, into what you see before you.  I believe it was all the fault of the "Y-Connector" I was instructed to bring to class this week...digging through my vintage brass, I knew I had just the right piece - little did I know it was a monster in disguise.  Definitely what is being called a "Statement piece", these days (the freshwater pearl at the bottom is 7/8" long - yes, size DOES matter in jewelry).
Colleen (beadmetaler) had designed a beautiful, simple, vintage looking three-Rivoli necklace that I took a class in this week.  She has said before (as any good teacher will tell you) that she likes when we put our own "spin" on things - and, OK! - this may have spun slightly more than her original design.  I love this brass connector...very old, with a great natural patina that only time can produce.  16mm Swarovski Rivolis in "Verde" and Czech Fire Polish in "1950's Refrigerator Green"...and, "ooooooh" - some white seed beads that are lined in 24K gold and cost me a small fortune, but the necklace was screaming out for "MORE" and I was a sucker and bought into its ridiculous demands.
It took two days to slowly evolve into what it is today.  It did look like this for about 4 minutes on Friday, which vaguely resembles (nah - it doesn't) the original pattern we started with.  My friend Jackie finished a delightfully charming, and ("eh hem") simple, piece that she has posted on her blog (onecreativecat), in which she only utilized one Rivoli and a sweet little bird charm, after ditching her evil Y-connector.
I do love it, but it may be awhile before I find just the right place to wear it (and I WILL wear it with jeans - how's that for a statement?!), since we already did Cher's show!  When it starts asking for food and its own room, I will probably have to get rid of it.


Colleen Mcgraw said...

GREAT necklace Tanya, love the extra chains!!

oldgreymare said...

Oh Tanya, it's wonderful! Wearing that, a t-shirt, jeans and some boots and all of Vegas is at your feet baby!
It is GORGE =e= ous!


Jackie said...

Hot damn! That came out fabulous!! I can't wait to see you wear it, and yes t-shirt jeans and BOOTS! Love it!!

cynthia said...

Oh, Tanya, I love this piece!