Wednesday, December 7, 2011


A whirlwind week, indeed...and some time to spend with the blog, now that our show is done...much thanks for all the support - we had a marvelous Saturday, last, and made a little Christmas cash to boot!  "The Family Jewels" were very well received, and some are still available through the link on the side bar (they will be heading to the Etsy shop eventually).  After crashing HARD, Saturday night, we were revived enough come Sunday evening, to take in one of the newest shows on the Las Vegas Strip - ABSINTHE, in the Spiegeltent out front of Caesars Palace - and what a wild ride it was.   Having been billed as an “off-beat European circus on acid”, I don't think Jackie, Charlie, or I had a moment where we weren't in hysterics. 
Everything in this "not one for the kids" circus of fun is performed in the center of an incredibly decorated tent, on a 9 ft. round stage - a cast that includes a raunchy, scuzzy ringmaster (The Gazillionaire), packing a little too much in an overly tight 70's tuxedo; his ditzy (and show stealing - who knew someone that sounded that sweet and innocent could get SO filthy and with a couple of sock puppets) assistant, Penny Pibbets;
Acrobats and a beautiful burlesque performer, The Green Fairy (also a nickname for the drink Absinthe), who stripped farther down than this beautiful green velvet outfit...pasties were plentiful in this show.
There was also a second burlesque beauty who pulled a gigantic bubble over her black bow festooned upper extremities, and tap danced (seriously...just her butt and legs were out, with a big balloon with bouncing black bows inside, over her upper half - tap dancing around the stage); a couple of incredible aerial acts; and this...
The raunchy, and HILARIOUS, interpretive dance/acrobat parody by the two hosts.  One of the most unique and inventive shows on The Strip - not for the faint of heart, as nothing is off limits in the bawdy banter throughout the evening, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this in a heartbeat - I know I will be back.

Last night we were treated to Dwight, yet again, this year - ALWAYS a great concert, my Mr. Yoakam!  The National Finals Rodeo (NFR) blows into Vegas the first ten days of December, every year...the final rodeo of the year, with the top 20 cowboys in each event competing.  Cowboy butts in Lee jeans, as far as the eye can see!  Cowboy Christmas goes hand in hand with the rodeo events...the convention center is filled with western wear and farm implement vendors, for all your Christmas gift giving needs!


Dorthe said...

OHHHH- again I LOVE your jewelry, they are so fabolous all.
I`m glad I can say hello to you, and hope to see you, soon here again.

Jackie said...

Uh, that is MY Dwight Yoakam! The Absinthe show was HILARIOUS!! And thanks again for letting me share your table at the craft fair, that was a fun day had by all!

Bead and Needle said...

No, that is YOUR guitar dude from that Pink Floyd cover band...that is MY Dwight! :-)

Carole said...

You crazy kids out there in Vegas sure know how to have fun. Folks in NE would have their panties in a bunch over that...haha


Jillayne said...

Dwight Yoakam -sigh. Seriously. I love his music and would love to see him in person - lucky, lucky you!
Glad you had some fun R & R and that the sale was a hit. They're fun to do, and fun when they're over!

Mandy said...

I may be coming to Vegas for my birthday and going to see Absinthe is going to be a top priority!!! I have to see this show! Thanks for sharing!!!