Thursday, December 1, 2011


Yes, sometimes I really crack myself one else gets it, but, oh well.  I have gone missing again for this past month, in an attempt to keep on task and finish up inventory for a local show that "airs" this Saturday.  The tintypes have been finished, among some other pieces, and I wanted to get them posted on here, beforehand...just in case anyone is interested before they hit the table, Saturday's been a labor of love with these delicate old memories - instant relatives, if you will.  I apologize for the lengthy post (I know I have one that will complain), but have lumped "detail" photos together as best I could, with pricing information.  If you click on the "group" photos, you will see a third picture in each column, of the detail on the chains.

The tintypes are all original tins - almost all are Civil War age.  They have been sealed before beading. All tinting or coloration seen on the tintypes is original...I did not place it there.  The beading is all applied one bead at a time; all buttons used in the creations are antique glass (or metal in some instances). There is a beaded ruffle on each and every tintype - all buttons and embellishments are beaded in place - no glue. The beautiful acrylic flowers (each necklace has one) are hand-dyed, and created locally by VINTAGE MEADOW ARTWORKS. The glass beads that fill out the rest of the embellishment are Czech Fire Polish. All chains are brass finish, with an approximate 9-3/4" to almost 10" drop from the clasp to the top of the pendant itself...each chain has a 2" extender on it, as well.
GROUP A - Blue Man - 3" X 2-1/4" pendant - $87.00;
Little Girl with Jewelry - 3" X 2-1/4" pendant - SOLD;
The First B-52 Hairdo - 3" X 2-1/4" pendant - $87.00
Group A Detailing

GROUP B - "Pearl" - 3" X 2-1/4" pendant - $87.00;
Girl with Pink Ribbons - 3" X 2-1/4" pendant - $87.00;
Fancy Gal With the Tiny Waist - 3" X 2-1/4" pendant - $87.00
 Group B Detailing
GROUP C - Brother and Sister - 3" X 2-1/4" - SOLD;
Hatted Couple - 2-1/2" X 1-7/8" - $73.00;
Woman With Curls and High Collar - 2-1/2" X 1-7/8" - $73.00 
Group C Detail
GROUP D - Grandmother and Granddaughter - 2-1/2" X 1-7/8" - $73.00;
Woman in Red - 2-1/2" X 1-7/8" - $73.00;
Little Boy with Gold Buttons and Ring - 2-1/2" X 1-7/8" - SOLD
Group D Detail

GROUP E - on their way to new homes already - NO LONGER AVAILABLE 
GROUP F - Lavender Girl - 2-1/8" X 1-5/8" - SOLD;
Girl with Drop Earrings - 2-1/8" X 1-5/8" - SOLD;
Round/Woman with Ringlets - 1-5/8" - SOLD

 Group F Detail

GROUP G - Pink Girl A - 2-1/4" X 1-5/8" - SOLD;
Round/Turquoise and Red Woman - 1-5/8" - SOLD
Round/Little Girl in Plaid - 1-7/8" - SOLD
Group G Detail

GROUP H - Pink Woman B - 2-1/4" X 1-5/8" - SOLD
Handsome, Pink-Cheeked Man - 1-7/8" X 1-3/8" - $64.00
Group H Detail
Contact me through "Comments", or at, for purchase information (shipping additional), before the show this weekend.  A heartfelt thank you for all the wonderful feedback and interest these have generated - and for the encouragement and "brain picking" of friends (and that doesn't mean zombies)!

If you are going to be in the Las Vegas area on Saturday, you can find us at Doodlebug Bazaar, in Boulder City...9am-4pm (December 3rd), Boulder City Recreation Center, 900 Arizona St.  Jackie DeGuevara (ONE CREATIVE CAT) will be with me, with her beautiful dichroic glass and silver guitar necklaces, AND some really great pincushions (she gave me one awhile back, and I must say, it has become my favorite pincushion, having a weighted and non-sliding base, as well as storage for my beading scissors, thread, etc.!).  Click on her link to see pictures of her wares for the day.  There will be a few quilted purses thrown into the mix, and some great, smaller jewelry items.  We will be adjoining Karen, The Button Lady, for those local gals "in the know"...for those of you who haven't found Karen yet, she's got some really incredible vintage fasteners waiting for you!

P.S.  I WON, but that's a post for another hour, as this one has taken me five!


oldgreymare said...

Now those are GREAT pictures! But even then, people are going to go wild when they see them in person.
I will be with you in spirit Saturday, and if I get my chores done, maybe I can sneak away after all. :D

Have a great show! <3


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful, Tanya! Have a great show!! <3 Lisa H

Sherri said...

How beautiful!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Those are so amazing! Beautiful in every detail.


The Primitive Bucket said...

Wow sis, they are ALL amazing..I need a better job!!!! tee hee... Love you and hope you sell out...what did you win!!!??? I want to know!!

Love ya..

Createology said...

Your work is beautiful and very unique. Happy Show and Sales. Jingle Bell Joys...

theantiquepallet said...

Wow you have been busy!!! And your work is awesome a's always!!!!

Jillayne said...

Stunning! I look at them and can't imagine how you have any fingers left!
Theses are beauties that you could spend hours looking at, trying to take in every last detail, and I think you'd still miss some!
Good luck today!!

Mandy said...

These are absolutly lovely! I love them ALL!!!

robin dudley-howes said...

These are gorgeous! You do impeccable work Tanya. I just sent you the info for the retreat. Looking forward to meeting you!