Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Before heading from Red Rock State Park back into Sedona proper, you've probably worked up an appetite - we stayed in that area of the town this trip, and stumbled upon a FABULOUS, family owned and operated restaurant that I know we will go back to - just down the road from the rocks...
6446 Highway 179 #221, Sedona, AZ 86351 - 928.284.1939
I wish I had taken a photo of the entire meal that evening...they started us with a salad that was included in my meal (that was under $10.00, I might add!) of a 4-cheese Calzone...a calzone that filled the entire dinner plate and could have fed two of us, at least.  OUT OF THIS WORLD DELICIOUS!  Can't rave enough about this little place - personable wait staff, and the owner was delightful.  If you're in the area, and are looking for an alternative to the plentiful Mexican fare found throughout the area, THIS IS YOUR PLACE!
Tlaquepaque Village, 336 State Route 179, Sedona, AZ 86336 - 928.282.4648
Equally fabulous, in the traditional SW flavors, our old standby of El Rincon (inside of Tlaquepaque Village) fit the bill the following evening.  ALWAYS great food - spend the day shopping (window or "for real"), then relax on the patio in the shade of the beautiful large sycamore trees (umbrellas overhead - your food is safe), or inside in the comfort of the air conditioning, if it's too hot (by evening, it's always cooled down to just about the right temperature).  Grab a margarita and some green chile - it's one of our favorites...could be yours, too.
336 State Route 179, Sedona AZ
Shops Open Daily 10a.m. - 5p.m.
Restaurant Hours Vary
As I said, the restaurant sits inside TLAQUEPAQUE ARTS AND CRAFT VILLAGE - billed as "The Art and Soul of Sedona".  This is Sedona's premiere shopping/gallery experience...over 40 specialty shops and exclusive art galleries - there's something for everyone here.  My picture taking took place in the late afternoon, and I waited out tourists for just the right shots (they're there - just behind walls and trees...I can out wait anyone for a clear shot)...it's a hoppin' place during the day.
Beauty in every nook and cranny...
Life-sized bronze sculptures from resident artists; ivies climbing walls; dinner plate sized magnolias (to go with the dinner plate sized calzone); and these benches.  I realized, on this final destination stop, that these same benches had been in every park in every town gazebo on our travels - they may have been painted different colors, but they were identical in each town.
Yucca in bloom...
You WILL fall in love with this enchanting area...
Make sure that you walk into at least one of the galleries located within the village, just to look, if nothing else.  Most have an "artist in residence" working on current pieces, and are more than happy to explain creative processes.
The bottom piece was a work in progress by artist MICHAEL TRCIC for the final casting, which now resides with my folks.  A margarita might just be in order once you're done shopping, so you can sit and beat yourself up, and ask yourself if you really "needed it", once you're done.  Yes, you deserve it.
And, feel better about yourself because at least you didn't buy this larger one, though it would look spectacular in your yard!
Crazy matador gracing the outside of the men's room; hiding your head like you didn't buy a beautiful bronze (and you're really happy for it, actually); beautiful arched doorway leading to the parking area; and a sleepy bronze bear - relaxed and satisfied after a day of taking it all in.
The artwork is plentiful at each and every turn throughout the village, and the entire town of Sedona, for that matter.  Just about anything from trading posts to Chico's (there's one in every port, you know) can be found - something for everyone, for sure.  If it's not there - you didn't need it, but you did need the bronze!
A parting shot from one of my favorite, happy places.  Next week we hit Vegas, for a quick look around - Chinese New Year/Year of the Snake at The Bellagio is up next.  Hawaii to follow.  Happy Travelin' Tuesday...be safe out on those roads, wherever they may lead.


Everyday Things said...

I didnt know that yuccas bloomed!! such unusual flowers too! Those yellow ones are nice too, are they sunflowers, cos they sure look like them, but not quite if you know what I mean? interesting place!

My Garden Diaries said...

OK that is some inspiration for the soul! The village is gorgeous! Oh my what I would do there! It is like you transported me to Europe! Stunning! And I so enjoy artists who let you in and are passionate about what they do! I love the perspective in your last shot..oh and the pic of your parents is adorable!!!

DearHelenHartman said...

Awesome adventure as always! Sure makes the gray skies here in KY a little brighter this Tuesday.

Gabriela said...

What beautiful places!Thanks for sharing!!!

Jackie said...

Yes!! That is the place I want to go!! Wow, I would love to look at all the shops and drink margaritas!
Fabulous photos! love the coyotes!

Sarah Jane said...

Ooh, I love those bright yellow flowers!
So pretty!

Sarah xx

Createology said...

Sedona and all of its beautiful wonders are such favorites of mine. It is good to see Tlaquepaque doing well after years of road/bridge work blocking most of it and a lot of the stores dried up. I love the giant crystal door handle on one of the shops. Good for your parents treating themselves with a bronze statue. Fabulous travels my dear. Thank you for the trip...

Hindustanka said...

You've been to a beautiful place, Tanya. Loved the bronze statues,would love to visit this place some day..I have so many of them already in my list :)hehe
Cuisine looks delicious, never tried such food in my life!
Thanks for a pleasant message, I replied you in a mail.
have a lovely day!

Sea Witch said...

Kinda home sick now for Arizona. I know these spots s well and loved visiting them. Thanks for sharing your experiences there.

Dorthe said...

Dear Tanya,
One place is more beautiful, that the other...for every time you take me on a trip, I wonder how many gorgeous places there is to see- and each time there are new wonders, and stunning places and nature.
So many sweet photoes of your parents :-)
Hugs and happy Vegas tour next week, my sweet.

ricketyjo said...

what wonderful photos, thank you for sharing!

Dagmar said...

Hi Tanya,
Love, love Sedona..I have so many of the same photos as you took and have had lunch at Rincon..we just got back last night from the Verde Valley Railroad trip at Cottonwood just west of Sedona..if you haven't taken that train it is a must..fabulous!
Have a great weekend❤