Saturday, February 23, 2013


I'll bet it was better than what I saw.  Whether it was my frame of mind...or the screaming kids (on something that wasn't necessarily billed as a "kid's show", but the matinee time might have been a clue, if we had been paying attention) yelling in our ears from behind, and kicking seat backs while the parents let em' go...or a seemingly very talented troupe of performers TRYING way too hard to be "artsy fartsy" for artsy fartsy sake alone...or a combination of all three, and then some.  Whatever it was, we walked.
See the bike with all the people above - THAT was what I saw good today.  A little travelling troupe out of Australia, in a fabulous new theater venue in Las Vegas (just because it's a fabulous setting doesn't mean it's fabulous).  Don't want to drop a name (believe me, we weren't in Kansas), at risk of offending blogging friends, and as I'm sure the talent itself in the troupe is immense (they certainly were a charming group).
(Cast from Cirque's fabulous water show, "O")
However, when you come to a town with eight (give or take) Cirque Du Soleil shows (the pinnacle of "artsy fartsy") in residence, you'd better be on top of your game.  There was a hint of "Cirque envy" in the feel of the show (starting with cast members walking through, and interacting with the audience before the start of the show, as in any Cirque show here in Vegas...and the costuming), though I would probably liken it to Circus Camp "Trys" Cirque.
I'm sure the 4,000 little ones (OK, that may be an exaggeration) in the audience enjoyed it, and if I could have blinked my eyes and had my two at a much younger age, in tow, I'm sure I may have liked it - may.  As it was, the kid in our ear, kicking the seats from behind (how do responsible parents allow that to happen?!), and lack of enough to hold our interest, had us packing it in at the intermission, sadly.
The Smith Center was lovely, as always - lunch beforehand, and a drink in the beautiful lobby of a fabulous venue with a dear friend (photo above from my dear friend's blog, ONE CREATIVE CAT) who was lucky enough to get two tickets, where I was not (and we are ALWAYS thankful for anything that comes our way in the lines of entertainment), proved to be a nice diversion to an otherwise heartbreaking day...and I thank her for that.
I liked the bicycle people, I'll give them that...the juggler lady with the red balls (that's not a dirty joke) had promise until they started bouncing around the stage and they were scrambling to get them back on her feet (and now it REALLY sounds like a dirty joke)...yes, I liked the bicycle people.
This might have helped.  It also might explain where my brain is at today, and that maybe nothing could have helped.  I'm sure the kids saw something wonderful in it - I'm sure there were some adults who probably loved it too.  I do hope your weekend got off to a fabulous start, and I hope you saw something WONDERFUL today.  Tomorrow I will be riding that squirrel and hoping for a better performance, all the way around!  XOXO


Jackie said...

Thanks for joining me on this one when I knew your heart was not in it, we did have some laughs and I hoped that brightened your day a little! I did enjoy the man on the pole, yes, that was the highlight of the show for me!

Bead and Needle said...

And THAT's not a dirty joke, either! The heart will heal...the show may not! :-)

Jenny said...

I'll be honest, all of the ads/previews for Cirque du Soleil I have ever seen CREEP ME OUT. I think it's just that I hate clowns in general, but the CdS clowns are a special brand of sadistic (at least the thing I saw about them was!). I am sure that I am generalizing most unfairly and that there may be a wonderful show there somewhere that I have no idea I'm missing. But I'm skint broke anyway, so it doesn't really matter! LOL!!!

Glad you knew when to cut your losses and at least you got to redeem some of the time with that lovely scenery and good company! I hope that tomorrow brings you many more "good things" to see!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! :)

Bead and Needle said...

HAHAHAHA - and they just show the MILDLY creepy in the commercials! You ain't seen NUTHIN' yet! Like the guy with the LARGE donkey head! I'm just glad we didn't pay for what we saw today.

Bead and Needle said...

My Garden Diaries said...

Before I was a mama I was a teacher. We attended many performances with our students and we always practiced appropriate theatre behavior so that everyone could enjoy the show. I am not surprised by some of these parents because after being in the classroom I feel like I have seen it all and not all parents care if their kid is the one kicking seats. They should...but they don't! Never understood that...sorry the show was blah. More importantly I sense that something is off!?! Are you ok??? I hope that your day is brighter tomorrow...sending you think thoughts!

Carole said...

Does look very Cirque du Soleil. How fun and looks like you had just that.

DearHelenHartman said...

Been to a Cirque show, amazing. But that frog on squirrel thing looks pretty good too!