Monday, January 18, 2016


Hopefully an entire week of creative fun here - it's January 18th and I already have things spinning in my head and flying off needles.  I answered a call a few weeks back for my favorite (and LOCAL) "Indie-dyers" and yarn aficionados, TINK YARN.  Bloggers and podcasters were recruited to test their yarns and give feedback (as well as let the rest of you in on the Vegas secret).  Those of us here in Vegas already know, and the secret's out of the bag now!  They were just recently "inducted" into JIMMYBEANSWOOL.COM, with their "Fremontini" color way (as with all my posts, direct links are highlighted throughout - all ya' gotta' do is click on 'em).
One of their biggest cheerleaders, I gladly sent in my name...they sent THIS back, with instructions to use it how I wanted.  Not one, but TWO of their fabulous creations - a new color called "Changing Season", in a fingering weight, and "Rich Bitch" (the color of money!) in a heavier, worsted weight.  The Tink girls have an entire catalogue of clever "Vegasy" names for their color palatte.
These yarns couldn't have been more perfect - it has "me" written all over it.  My mind immediately raced to the desert Southwest, and a few "baubles" picked up and gifted to me this past year.  Turquoise, Coral, Terra Cotta, Red Rocks, Sage and Cottonwoods lining the bottoms of the desert Arroyos in spring...teeny tiny little flecks of gold, here and there.  Yep, desert perfection!
So, following their first rule of instruction (the first rule of Fight Club do not talk about Fight Club...yep, different club) of "Get that yarn on the needles!", I chose a pattern I had done for two gifts this year and cast on, for myself this time.  A new project called for new needles, too - whoever the absolute genius was that decided SQUARE knitting needles was a good idea, BRAVO!!!!!  Who woulda' thunk?  They're fabulous.
And the yarn?  To die knitting in butter, without the grease.  I had an extra skein sitting here that I had watched being dyed on a day I was invited to see how their yarn is born.  I had saved it for a special project...the tones are the same ones used for the turquoise skein, with some black thrown in the mix, but this was a fingering weight, so was perfect for this project.  AND, it just so happened to be named "Rich Bitch in a Limo" - my two projects will tie into together, perfectly...and "richly".
While you're waiting to see the end result (which I'm hoping for in the next few nights myself) you might want to check out not only their own website at TINK YARN, but go read about the whole winning process these three friends have developed, by clicking here for HOW TINK YARN IS BORN.  What happens in Vegas USUALLY doesn't stay in Vegas, despite what you've heard...the word's out about THESE THREE!
Laci, Terri, and Ashley of


Jackie said...

Oh My gosh!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!! You are so lucky to know how to knit!! I keep trying. Someday.
The yarns are simply to dye for! Heehee!
Love the vegasy names too!

Mary Ann Potter said...

Wow. I would take up knitting just for the yarn. These skeins are absolutey gorgeous!!!

Maywyn Studio said...

I love the perky and smooth flow of your writing style.

Nice colors. The color of money is the color of money.
Square needles sound great
Thank you for the links

Bindi said...

Hi Tanya! I can see that this yarn is gorgeous! :) Can't wait to witness what you've made out of it!:)))
I wish of so much I had time to crochet again! But I have nights left to this, and you shall sleep at night... right? :)

I am glad to see those three ladies succeeding! I would love to become liek this some day.

Take care! Hugssss!

Laurie said...

Great post, Tanya. Lovely yarn, too! I'll check them out. But best of all is your knitting. Very nice!

Dorthe said...

So very beautiful, the red and the turquoise of your stunning desert ,dear Tanya. The yarn looking so soft and also warm, and paired with your gorgeous turquoise necklace, and the wrist cuffs with also the wonderful Coral, makes me just a little jealous .lol-
The shawl will be around your neck so beautiful, and cozy in winter, and matching your lovely jewelries so perfectly !!
Hugs and love from Dorthe

Colleen Mcgraw said...

Their yarn are so beautiful and with your beautiful work you just can't go wrong. Wow I never knew there was such a thing as square needles Do they feel funny to work with?

Createology said...

Wait...I missed your last post regarding the yarn trials and now I see you have already won the Gold Medal for "Speed Knitting". This shawl is beyond stunning. Think Yarn even looks like it has a beautiful drape to it. I love blues and especially the name of this one..."Rich Bitch in a Limo". What a Hoot!!!

Tammy said...

Even better knowing that the yarn was complementary. You certainly did it justice with your lovely knitted shawl.