Thursday, January 7, 2016


Alas - the times, they ARE a changing.  The last of one the most fabulous and iconic Vegas institutions is soon to be no more...sigh! The Strip (as evidenced by billboards galore this Christmas) is no longer seeing the draw of major headliners it once did, but is now home to DJ, after one-name DJ, spinning records in techno nightclubs.  For those planning a trip to Vegas soon (or those who reside here and may want to catch it one last time - or one FIRST time), JUBILEE at Bally's, is lowering their curtain forever, on February 11th.
7:00 show is "family-friendly"; 9:30 show is traditionally and tastefully topless.  This show has outlasted every other showgirl production, AND every Vegas show in history, since it's start in 1981.  This is your final chance to take in the fabulous costuming of huge headdresses, feathers, rhinestones, and 100 showgirls (and male dancers) in an over-the-top extravaganza that channels Ziegfield and the Folies Bergere. The boys up top with my own showgirl?  A father and son tourist duo, in from TX, that happily photobombed the shoot.
We made it a grand family affair this Christmas - we knew we couldn't let it close down without one last hurrah!  The Grinchy husband-person (not even the lure of all that beauty could persuade him) stayed home on the couch with the pup.  Very sad to see this one close - it's truly the end of an era here in Vegas - we will miss those showgirls!  Make a plan to see it if you can.
Christmas is always best with family and loved ones...second run-through of the Bellagio Botanical Gardens - still as beautiful towards the end of the display as it is at the beginning.  They constantly work to change out spent blooms during the duration of the "show".  Next up - Chinese New Year..of the MONKEY...yeah, there may be no pictures of that!
Blue Spruce and warm Penguins; the pup found a new, unwitting, lap this Christmas. and; COOKIE time!  It was pretty wonderful to have my two favorite girls decorating sugar cookies together this year.  One more set of Christmas photos to round out the week - the CACTUS garden at Ethel M''ve never seen lights like this - OK, lights maybe, but what they are on, doubtful.  Again, remember - looking for one last fling with OLD, GLAMOROUS VEGAS? Make it a date at Bally's on the Las Vegas Strip, by February 11th, for JUBILEE.  And if you're going to go without the little ones, go for the full, iconic experience...make it the 9:30 show!


Maywyn Studio said...

Las Vegas without show girls is like New York City without the Statue of Liberty. Sad news.
Your parents are stunners, and they pass on their good looking genes to the kids. :)

Tanya said...

The above internet friend wrote to me after leaving her comment - I thought I'd add this here, as it sums the showgirl demise/DJ situation up pretty well:

"Once the young crowd rediscovers the old style Vegas, then the show girls will be back. I can't imagine anyone with the money to keep them going would allow them to disappear. It sounds like when a cozy bar becomes popular, the mixed drinks crowd discovers it, and the beer drinkers that made the bar popular are pushed away in favor of mixed drink money. I believe similar happened to eBay. Business is business. If it was ours, then we'd have to follow the profits as well...and put our sorrows into a cottage in the Irish countryside and write poetry all day. :)"

Mary Ann Potter said...

No show girls. How strange. Time changes things. The Las Vegas I visited over forty years ago was indeed completely different.

Createology said...

Oh how sad to have iconic Las Vegas Showgirls and Bally's Jubilee production going dark. Progress does march on. Too bad people will realize how much they miss what they had until after it is too late. We have a great old time saloon bar from the mining days and we old codgers love to hang out there. What happened? The thirty-somethings began hanging out and it just doesn't feel the same anymore. I will be glad when they move on to the next "hip" spot and we can have our old "Mine Shaft" back. Your parents and daughter all look so happy and beautiful. Wonderful family memories. Yummy cookies...

Dorthe said...

I enjoyed seeing your family, photos and the single one of you, dear Tanya,
It is seen you had a wonderful christmas together, and a great Vegas show, have been enjoyed and will be remembered by all of you,-well exept for your husbond :-) .Everything there looks stunning, big and beautiful !!
HUGS to you lovely friend !!
Dorthe, xx

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

If there was a 9:30 show, my husband certainly wouldn't be at home on the couch. ha! :) Your mom and dad sure look young and make a gorgeous couple. And your daughter is lovely. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday. I for one do not like techno or loud crazy groups. Would much rather see a nice show and have a quiet dinner. A shame when what made a place is no longer deemed important to keep around.