Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Happy 2016!
Phrases those of us who live in the Las Vegas desert cringe at hearing?  "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", or the proverbial "But, it's a DRY heat".  Well, let me tell you, while our East Coast friends were "suffering" through one of the warmest Christmases on record, WE got your cold...and it's a "different" cold here - it IS a DRY cold in the desert SW.
Tourists coming through town NEVER expect Vegas to be anything but warm or gasp-inducing HOT.  Our week between Christmas and New Year never saw us get above 40 degrees during the day, and was in the mid 20s and LOW 30s at night.  See the hats, scarves, and parkas?  It was bone-chilling cold here in the city of lights.  I'm betting the ones who brought the shorts (and there are ALWAYS those folks) were surprised!  This is proof - it DOES get cold in the desert, and it's a different cold - it's a DRY cold!  I need to coin a new phrase.
Family photo album photos this week, as my parents came to town from CO - we had the most wonderful week, and I think they were even surprised by the cold.  This evening found us braving the cold to attend an indoor show on Fremont Street - old, downtown Vegas.  While we waited, we took in the outdoor show in the "blocks-long" covered pedestrian mall, complete with two aerial zip lines, an LED canopy of ever-changing light shows overhead, and various stages of undress on the ground.  It was nice this visit, as everyone had more than their share of clothes on.
The Viva Vision Light Show happens once every hour, for about 7 minutes, on a 1500 ft. long, 90 feet wide, 12.5 million LED lamps screen.  Each hour brings a different show, throughout the evening...this year they've concentrated on rock concerts.  We caught the time slot for Heart, before the show we went to see.  Ann Wilson, larger than life as the zip liners flew by.
"Wouldn't you, Barracuda?"
It's the planetarium Lazer Rock of it's time, I guess (oh, did I date myself there, child of the 70s)...only with LED.  
And, I WILL be doing a post about THIS (with daytime shots), soon.  "Across the tracks", on the other side of Fremont Street, is East Fremont Street.  It's a part of town that, when we first moved here, was the "seedy part"...somewhere not to be ventured alone, and certainly never at night.  Well...all that has changed, and there are now some pretty cool sights and happenin' hot spots along the area.  THIS sits in front of the Container Park - a shopping area of eclectic art and gift filled shops, ALL housed in shipping containers (from big ships)!
This praying mantis is HUGE and sits atop a military Humvee - if I could get my hands on the keys, I would SO drive this - in fact, I would overthrow a chance to drive my beloved Weinermobile for THIS!  I had heard that the events at night with this guy were pretty spectacular...thankfully he was still afire and changing colors as we left that evening.
A hope that your Christmas was every bit as spectacular!  A wish for a safe and wonderful new year, filled with heartwarming memories...
especially gigantic ones with flaming antennae!  Happy New Year - XOXO


Tammy said...

I hear you on the cold. We've gotten down into the 40's and right now it's 52 but I'm freezing. We live in concrete buildings with no heat and no insulation. The walls feel like ice. We have a space heater in our bedroom that Jingles has taken over. She doesn't move far from the chair beside the heater. Usually it's colder inside than out. Glad you had a nice time with your parents. My senior boy would definitely be covering his eyes and heading in another direction if he saw that praying mantis. He doesn't like bugs even if they aren't real. And when I saw video of a praying mantis catching a hummingbird and another one fighting a cat, I was pretty freaked out, too. Happy New Year! Tammy

Dorthe said...

Oh Tanya, so AMAZING ALL ,-I never have seen or will see anything like it , yes spectacular and huge and a wonderful show time, to see from far away ,here.
So lovely your parents visited, and that your time together was happy and great.
Happy New Year dear friend, all the very best to you, Tanya .
Warm hug from me.

Maywyn Studio said...

Happy New year!

Laurie said...

Wow! The lights are amazing! It finally got cold here. The last couple of days have been windy and a damp cold. I don't like those two combinations. Send me some dry cold, please!

Createology said...

I am so glad you share your wonderful "tourist" visits in Las Vegas for me to enjoy. I used to be in Las Vegas at least four times a year but now I seem to never get there. I certainly remember the "seedy side" of Fremont and other areas. How nice to be able to be entertained with all this over-the-top light shows, and giant Praying Mantis complete with flaming antennae. The "dry cold" you had is what we also had but with snow and ice all over the ground. Now it is raining and has washed the freezing snow and ice away. Rain again tonight and tomorrow and it is very welcome. I believe 2016 will be an amazing year dear...

Quinn said...

I would love to see you driving the mantismobile! Although Tammy's comment about a mantis catching a hummingbird and fighting a cat really freaks me out. I didn't realize they are so aggressive. I guess I was fooled by all that praying.
Happy New Year to you Tanya! And thank you for all your lovely comments on Comptonia. Always a pleasure :)

Jackie said...

Oh wow! Love the MantisMobile!! Cool! Glad you had a nice time with your folks. Maybe I will have to take a trip to Colorado to see them! Maybe a concert weekend, going to red rocks is on my bucket list!

kathyinozarks said...

wow sounds like a fun week for you and your family despite the colder than normal weather. always enjoy your photos too
Happy New Year