Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day, Across the Miles...

Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother...Oprah Winfrey

Happy Mother's Day, to you and Mom is back home, with my Dad, in CO this morning...probably hoping for a break in the weather so she can get more flowers planted.  She's a mother of three (me and my brother, with my folks, in the black and white); grandmother of seven (Mom, my Dad, and my daughter, Jaclyn, in the third picture, beside a stream in Estes Park, CO); and now, great-grandmother to two (with the newest addition to the Anderson niece's son, Landen) - and looking better than ever!  Wish I could be there with her to give her the hugs and kisses she deserves, in person - Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  "Ya' done good!"

The first photo in this Mother's Day "montage", is a graphite drawing by my own incredible daughter...doesn't that sound just like a Mom?  It is of my Mom at about three years of age...taken from a tiny, tattered photo that my grandfather used to carry in his wallet.  My daughter has a wealth of talent in those fingers, and that heart, of hers...I know...more Mom stuff, but rightfully so!  Which brings us to the picture of her and my son, Louie, in the bottom photo - I think I "done" pretty good, too!

"Kisses on your face" (as the darling little lady at Joann's always tells me - yet, another "Mom-ism")...Happy Mother's Day!


Jackie said...

Have a Happy Day, you are a very cool mom! What other mom would take her daughter to see Morris Day and the Time! You rock! Enjoy your babes, they grow up so fast!

The Primitive Bucket said...

What a beautiful family!!!!