Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vikings, Cardinals, Donkeys, and Rabbits...

In between a bit of spring yard cleaning this past weekend, and after I lost my six bucks (on two horses that should have come in first and second, along with the third horse that I picked who DID win), I was able to sneak in some creative time...a private class with The Boss (not Springsteen, but Colleen, of  The Bead Metaler) on how to do "Viking Knit".  Evidently, I am the very last person in Vegas (since no one else showed up) to know how to do this wire technique, which is sure to come in handy the next time we go pillaging and plundering.  (Thanks for the lesson, Boss!)
A new baseball cuff bracelet from an old baseball (vintage rhinestone button attached...the ball is whiter than it appears here, also) will be winging it's way to the hometown of the Cardinals tomorrow - going to a dear friend I've never met (oh, the wonders of the Internet...Thanks, Al Gore!).
Which brings me to an Internet purchase I made last week, that arrived in the mail this afternoon.  (Thanks, Ady!)  I bought one of these for my friend Jackie, a few weeks back and, it was so delightful, I went back for more.  As Jackie put it, Ady at www.pomegranite80.etsy.com is probably the most "amusing" seller on Etsy.  She sells these little donkeys, that she dresses, to raise funds for her donkey rescue, in Tennessee.  All profits go to feed and house her furry friends.  She is located about 30 miles from where the latest round of tornadoes went through a few weeks back, and has had a real go of things with snakes, water, and wind damage.
If the donkeys aren't fun enough, her writings/descriptions go WAY beyond hysterical.  This one is decked out in satin, lace, sequins, flowers, and some sort of sparkly Russian type hat (Jackie got the Elvis donkey) - the cupid and the cowboy boot were wrapped on the packages all this came in.  "Donkey McDog Gone It - I'm Beautiful Donkey" came with a "nifty donkey brooch, "Pee Pee Poodle McGimme My Cheesy Noodle" refrigerator magnet (not shown, but it's VERY cool!), and some stacking flower beautiful donkey earrings" (these are her words from the description - I couldn't make this up, folks!).  I WILL wear these to the next "Every Wednesday Girl's Night Out", and the others WILL be jealous!   Drop by her shop - you'll be glad you did. 
And I shall end with this..."Curiouser and curiouser", this post has become.  Since I know there are probably only a few in the "charm group" that would even see this, I'm gonna' post it. Finished up (not late, either) a batch of charms for our next charm exchange. You'll probably never guess the theme (and no, it's not Jefferson Airplane).  Happy McGimme My Cheesy Noodle Tuesday, everyone!


Katie@LeBeauPaonVictorien said...

Cute charms! Must be an Alice in Wonderland theme?? :-)

Jackie said...

Oh wow! You have been very busy! Elvis (my donkey) wants to meet your donkey!! He is in Love!! She is very beautiful! The BB cuff is amazing as well as the charms, oh how fun to to be artistic! See you soon with your donkey earrings dangling!

Colleen Mcgraw said...

I can't wait to get my charm....they are beautiful!! Can you do mine now that you are finished???