Friday, May 21, 2010


YES, the REAL DEAL!  We have been having too much fun with the "fake"/tribute bands lately, that I had almost forgotten what a real concert was like.  Wednesday morning found us awaiting another round of friends and music at "fake U2" on our "Every Wednesday Girls Night Out".  One of the "posse" has been bound and determined that we were going to see the legendary Cher, at Caesars Palace...well, she perservered for weeks, and wound up with tickets that very morning.  Fake U2 or REAL Cher?...pretty much a "No Brainer".  Even Bono himself would have picked what we did, I'm sure.  My kids were still convinced, as I left that night, that we were going to see a female impersonator (yes, we do live in Vegas).

As if it were an omen, her opening found her floating down out of the rafters, in a golden cage, bedecked in one of seventeen (17!) spectacular Bob Mackie outfits...singing "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", by U2.  What an INCREDIBLE show!  She spoke with the audience for about 10 minutes, and then launched into a 90 minute show, where she never took a break.  The jaw-dropping costume and hair changes only took about 2 minutes apiece, during which the dancers would take over, or they would run video clips of her extraordinary life...several really wonderful tributes to Sonny and her were included (yes, I believe she truly still had a thing for her "Sonny, one so true").  The costumes, sets...EVERYTHING - I just can't say enough!

Her 64th birthday was Thursday...she is STILL smokin' hot after all these years (the picture down below is from the performance...see for yourself), and her voice is as strong and beautiful as ever!  Yes, we definitely made the right choice on our entertainment for the evening.  Thanks, Boss, for coming through on your promise to get us there.  You ROCK!

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