Thursday, November 8, 2012


(Ahh - people are still tossing around concert beach balls - right ON!)
A cool, breezy August night took me back to my youth, and provided the perfect opportunity for an evening, all by myself, with the most wonderful man in the world – yes, I drug my poor Dad to a concert.  What was anticipated as a fun, “Girl’s Night Out” with my Mom (with Dad looking forward to a quiet night of reading, and snoozing on his favorite couch), quickly changed course with a bout of food poisoning, and Dad stepped up to the plate – not to mention braving CRAZY post-concert parking lot chaos, and a massive amount of steps (and people – lots and lots of people...seating capacity 9,450) leading up to the gorgeous venue of RED ROCKS AMPHITHEATER, in Morrison, CO.
THE concert venue of my youth – I had not been there in years.  SSDD - only WAY older!  Memories of Jethro Tull, the Allman Brothers, and many other musical evenings (The Grateful Dead, who played for dayyyyyyyyys at a time, or so it seemed) under the beautiful starry skies of home.  This time around, it was the Beatles Tribute Band (an August event there, every year, evidently), “1964” – hailed as “The best Beatles tribute on Earth”, by Rolling Stone Magazine.  A fun, mindless, 2-1/2 hr. singalong of pre-Sgt. Pepper songs for the entire audience.  Dad was a trooper, and I thank him for that!
An annual August event, this year’s performance came two days prior to the 48th Anniversary of the REAL Beatles debut at Red Rocks in, of course, 1964.
That event was the earliest notable rock 'n' roll performance at Red Rocks. The Amphitheater is one of only four remaining, original concert sites from that first American tour.
Originally known as the "Garden of the Angels" and later, "Garden of the Titans” (not to be confused with “Clash of the Titans” - ohhhhhhhh, how I love Liam Neeson) the 640 acre park has always been known by the “folk name” of "Red Rocks", which became its formal name in 1928. Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a geological phenomenon – the only naturally-occurring, acoustically perfect amphitheatre in the world.
(I'm pretty sure this was the guy with the strong "cologne")
Construction of the amphitheatre began in 1936 and was completed in 1941.  Some of the rock formations in Red Rocks slope as much as 90 degrees, while others tilt backwards. The southern monolith, that bears resemblance to a ship, is named "Ship Rock."
On the opposite side of the Amphitheatre stands "Creation Rock." Both of the monoliths are taller than Niagara Falls, standing some 300 ft. tall.  Coupled with “Stage Rock" to the east, they provide acoustic perfection.  They light these massive rocks once the sun goes down, but my camera wasn't fast enough to catch the beauty of it.  These photos were also taken when we first arrived - the seats would fill to near capacity by the start of the show.
(The dreaded stairs...193 of them from the stage to the top of the amphitheater) 
Sitting at 6,450 feet above sea level, Red Rocks Park is a unique “transitional zone” where the Great Plains, to the east, meet the Rocky Mountains. The diverse environment allows visitors to see plants, birds and animals of both regions in one setting.  On a nearby ridge (or The Hogback, as it’s always been known), you can find preserved dinosaur tracks and fossil fragments from the Jurassic period – the quaint little town of Morrison, CO sits below the park, and offers plenty of dining, nifty little gift shops, antiques, and lodging.  Red Rocks itself, offers a variety of recreational options from guided tours, hiking, biking, and, of course, their summer concert series.
(Me and Dad - cool and breezy, at the start)
OK, more like windblown and shivering - I'm a 124 degree desert gal these days!  A PERFECT evening, by nights end!  This fabulous little tribute band is definitely worth checking out if they land at a venue near you.
(Not a bad shot, considering we were halfway up those 193 stairs - Nikon ROCKS!)
(These, not so good, but that was MY fault - not the camera's)
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to my wonderful Dad...I had the BEST time, and you navigated the crowds and cars like a champ...not to mention those wooden seats!  Sorry you missed it, Mom (we dialed her up and held up the phone as instructed, during the evening) - next year, then.  With love, from me to you...


Jackie said...

You are so lucky to have a dad like that!! Wow, that place is amazing, i would have loved to have seen the Allman brothers band there!! Maybe one day we can venture there and rock out before we are to old and can only rock in rocking chairs!

Createology said...

What an amazing venue this is in the beautiful Red Rocks. Jethro Tull was one of my very favorites of this time capsule of 1964. Great photo of you and your dad. Blessings...

vicki said...

Tanya- what an amazing venue for concerts under the stars!! Such a special time with your Dad-- seems like it really was magical!

DearHelenHartman said...

Perfect night. Dad and the rock and the rock and roll! I had never hear of that place and loved getting a peek.