Tuesday, November 20, 2012


ALWAYS lead with the Bakelite!  For lack of a better post right at the moment, I wanted to show you just what I've been up to the past few weeks, gearing up for the holidays...lots of handmade.  Plus a few baby quilts for friends thrown into the mix (one is probably the single MOST "bad ass" baby quilt, EVER!), BUT, you MUST start with the Bakelite!  "Birthday" and "Just Because" Bakelite...four of these five pieces came from my folks this summer - I treated myself to the black one.  The big "Blue Moon" is to die for, and the one with the swirls is yummy...hell, they're ALL yummy!  I've said it before - who knew 80 year old plastic could make me so happy!
I turned some fabrics purchased in Hawaii this summer (the only thing I really brought back, except for 8,000 photos and my most comfortable "Slippahs" ~ Dad told me to leave the pukka shells there, as he still has his left over from the 70's) into a fabulous quilt...free online pattern called NEW WAVE, by OH, FRANSSOM!  Goes together fast and easy.  I tried to get really artsy with my interpretation...the tan colored fabric in between the "waves" is representative of the sandy beaches.  There you have it - that's about as "deep" as I get, and probably the main reason I never made it as an interpretive dancer! 
I turned some "local" fabrics into two baby quilts (or quilt tops, at the moment) for friends of my kids...the red Tattoo Dragon one is going to a tattoo artist (my daughter's profession) and his wife.
So NOT cutesy baby themed (and so out of square here in this photo, because of the angle I was holding the camera above it, and over my head - believe me, it is square), but SO perfect for who it is going to...yes, it's been dubbed the "Bad Ass Baby Quilt".  The Puppies quilt is absolutely darling, and IS cutesy baby themed, with more retro colors to it.
Soldering for friends, and family...Christmas ornaments up next.
I've been keeping myself awake on the couch at night, watching The Walking Dead and KNITTING!  Winter is made for knitting, though my shoulder is starting to turn to mush and I need to take a break this next week.  One more Mukluk to be made, and that's it...the bandanna is WAY cool, and super easy (I've done three), and from another free online pattern, PURL BEE BANDANNA COWL.
More sewing - free Infinity Scarf tutorial I worked up HERE, for those that might want to join in the fun on 2 Bags Full's, PINK SCARF PROJECT, HERE.
And even more sewing fun...my friend Jackie was "in want" of a kitchen makeover this week, and I was happy to oblige - new towels, napkins, and a valance, while the sewing machine was still set out - she put it all in place this afternoon (CHECK IT OUT!).  Retro looking aprons for Christmas are next on the agenda (and finishing up that one last Mukluk), after Turkey Day.  Hope your Thanksgiving weekend is wonderful!


Createology said...

You and your sewing machine and knitting needles must be in turbo boost getting so many projects done. They are all lovely. You are such a dear to make so much for so many. I adore that tattoo dragon baby quilt...how refreshing. The puppy one is adorable as well. Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings Dear...

Dorthe said...

Hi dear,
sorry I am so late to comment, but I`m so stressed with all the shows, starting tomorrow !
Here you are again with so many wonderful things, and new beauties to your collection of wonderful Bakelite bracelets.
Wonderful fabrics you have found too. And I am so blessed with your beautiful soldered charms you made me, my dear.
The knitted bandana, is fantastic, what a beautiful and wonderful idea.
The scarfs are lovely all, so love all the pink colours.
The gift to your friend looks great, -lucky her !
Dear Tanya, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving-

Cindy said...

You are making me tired....You have been busy! Everything is so BEAUTIFUL...(especially that cute cowboy and lab! lol)
Happy Belated Thanksgiving...I am thankful for you!

Elisabeth said...

You have such beautiful projects and ana amazing blog!